Laptops: A Source of Fatal Diseases

A study in Britain reveals that bugs that are spread through laptops and phones kill 750 people each year.

More and more people have started to use laptops and BlackBerry phones in the toilets. Many people forget to wash their hands using soap or water, and some do not wash their hands at all. The research showed that one in 3 use a mobile phone or BlackBerry in the toilet and one in 25 use a laptop. Furthermore, one in three forgets to use soap afterwards, whereas one in five does not even bother washing.

The study comments on how this trend of using electronic devices in the toilet can produce cataclysmic consequences. They are the source of producing unpleasant symptoms and spread infections that affect hundreds of thousands of people. These infections have proven to be fatal, claiming many lives. The study also postulated some other bizarre findings. One in 12 have eaten or drunk in the toilet and a similar number have cleaned their teeth.

As if the spread of diseases through pollution, radical cells being developed in our body, hereditary sicknesses, infections through changes in climate, and other bizarre ways of getting sick is not enough? It’s going to take a few minutes to finish whatever it is one went in to do in the toilet; those few minutes away from mobile electronic devices can inadvertently save so many people from dying uncanny deaths. 

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