Levels of The Mind: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta

Your brain working firing electricity between neurons. No electricity means no brain activity and you are dead. On the other hand the more active one brain is, the faster it fires, the better you will feel and if that energy is used for good, you can accomplish more work in less time.

1. The Beta Level

This is the level most people live in, this is the level your brain reaches every time you are walking, running, working, eating, talking. This level is somewhat stressful and not suitable for hard work for long periods of time. This level stresses people out and soon your mind will block. Those who live and work at this level should try to reach the Alpha level.

2. The Alpha Level

The relaxes state of mind level, this is the level your mind reaches when you are watching, TV, doing nothing, meditating and of course right before you go to sleep. This is the best state to be in while working – it’s called the flow. Your work will flow while you are in this state of the mind.

3. The Theta Level 

This is the best state of mind to be while practicing meditation. Try not to sleep using this level of the mind. Expert monks find it easy but for “normal” people this is very hard to do. You will feel you are falling inside a huge hole, and you need to try to stay awake while “falling” down.

4.The Delta level 

This is the lowest level of the mind, you are dreaming and totally unconscious while dreaming and feels amazing unless you are having a nightmare.

5. The Gamma level

This is the best level of the mind for “hit and run” actions. For example when you are in need of ideas, when there is urgent work to be done, this is the best level of the mind to be in. You feel totally energetic and ready to explode!

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