Making a Difference in La Health Care

Alfa Allied Medical Group is a family clinic serving the downtown community.

Alfa Allied Medical Center is one of the best family clinics serving the Downtown Los Angeles community.

Founded by Dr. Edgar Chavez and Dr. Hector Castillo early November 2007 the clinic has garnished a reputation as a beacon of health and prosperity in what is an underserved community near the down town Los Angeles area.

A graduate of Stanford Medical School and a Los Angeles native himself Dr. Edgar Chavez is one of the best and most respected physicians in the area. He has earned this reputation by treating all his patients with the same respect and dignity he would a member of his own family regardless of their economic background.

There is no HMO bureaucracy or politics played at Alfa Allied Medical Center, plain and simple if you need medical care Dr. Chavez and his staff will gladly provide the best for you. Dr. Chavez ’s rapport with the community is absolutely amazing his acts of kindness speak volumes for the overall presence the clinic has in the community.

Alfa Allied Medical Center is one of the most well equipped facilities in the surrounding area and can see just about anyone. This small family practice is a breath of fresh air in an area where many times health care is not a priority. Dr. Chavez and his staff at Alfa Allied Medical Center are a godsend to the downtown LA community and make the over all quality of life in the area improve dramatically.

If you live in or around down town LA and are looking for a good doctor to see make sure to pay them a visit, they will treat you like a human being not just another number. Alfa Allied Medical Center is
Located at 1005 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90021. for appointments you can call them at 213 745 3636.

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