Medical Uses of Bentonite

Bentonite is a clay that is used for many different purposes. Industrially it is used as an adhesive and to help put out fires, as it helps to control the direction in which the water sprays. Bentonite is also used in some animal foods–it slows the digestion of food thus enabling more nutrients to be absorbed by the body. Bentonite is used medicinally for its own healing properties and in the creation of other medicines as a filler.

About Bentonite

According to the European Bentonite Producers Association (EUBA), Bentonite was first found in the region of Fort Benton, Wyoming, thus it was given the name bentonite. EUBA also reports that bentonite is used to cure metal poisoning.

Bentonite can be bought in liquid as well as powder form. Once it is mixed with water it expands, allowing it to absorb toxins from the intestinal and digestive tract.


Bentonite is efficient at cleansing the intestinal system thanks to its composition. Its binding properties also make it effective in combating diarrhea as it calms an irritated bowel system. This was proven by Dr. Frederic Damrau. He treated more than 30 individuals suffering with diarrhea for different reasons with bentonite. In less than four days, the diarrhea in all accept one of the patients was completely gone. This study can be found in “The Medical Annals of The District of Columbia” and it is also mentioned on the site

Once mixed with water, bentonite has sponge-like properties allowing it to absorb toxins. It is even known to suck up pathogenic viruses. Thus, you can ward off the ill effects of herbicides and pesticides with the use of bentonite as reported in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology.

Bentonite makes no distinction in what it sucks up, so it should not be taken a few hours before or after a meal or medicine.

Skin Care

Bentonite has been used in several skin and beauty products thanks to its ability to take on a paste form. A number of pharmaceutical companies use it in the creation of mud packs and creams for the body and face. It is even gentle enough to be used in baby products. Bentonite is known to soothe skin rashes as well as control the spread of acne. Its absorption power helps it pull out toxins when applied to your skin. Bentonite is used in detoxification baths as well.

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