Milk Dentition

Milk dentition.

Previously I apologize for posting a new time, lately I’m a bit busy and rarely blogging. I hope does not disappoint :) yah. the mas Ysugiri ( are waiting postingannya apologize mas.

In accordance with ysugiri mas questions I will discuss about the growth of primary teeth, some parents fear will certainly delay the growth of her baby’s milk teeth, but not to worry because it does not all children are equal to the growth of teeth.

Basically milk tooth eruption or discharge first occurs at age 6-8 months. Generally preceded by the release of lower central incisors, then in quick succession on the central incisors, upper lateral incisors and lower lateral incisors, the first milk molars, canines and second milk molars. But the eruption did not once, but one by one and sometimes there are also in pairs. Generally when one year old child has baby teeth 6-8 (but sometimes there is also the only two teeth even without the complaint of growth) and will be full of 20 milk teeth (4 incisors top-down, two canine teeth on either side top-down, and four molars in the upper left-right-bottom) at the age of 18 months or 2 years. Despite the first tooth eruption occurs at age 6-8 months, but still not too late to say if the above that age yet to come out first gear. Because, normal tooth eruption occurs at 6-12 months of age. Another case when the child is older than a year but had not yet occurred tooth eruption, it is necessary to know the cause, is what if the child has not completely grown teeth.

Possible delays as there were teething or growth abnormalities of the teeth are not perfect. For example, children do not have the tooth bud, so wait until any age there is no eruption. Surely this anomaly will persist into adulthood, he would not have made unless the gear teeth. But the factors that cause growth abnormalities is not known for certain, and not due to lack of a specific substance. Presumably, these abnormalities present only in certain areas. There are also encountered cases are due to marriage, for example, offspring of a family. While tooth eruption that occurred earlier also said the growth abnormalities. because it should have normal tooth eruption, according to its development. So if out of normal development, then say no abnormalities.

Milk tooth eruption that occurred earlier, including the growth abnormalities

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