Milk is an Unhealthy Drink: Shockingly Untold Truths

Western populations consume over gallons of milk as a primary source for calcium, vitamin D and other essential minerals vital for building healthy bones and thus might be expected to decrease the risk of hip fracture and/or osteoporosis, and yet the more milk and dairy products they consume the higher the occurrence of obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, acne, heart disease, constipation, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome among them. We all have grown to believe that consuming dairy foods can increase our body absorption of both calcium and vitamin D that many of us are unaware that milk is the most polluted and unhealthy drink that left us many negative health effects.

Milk and other dairy foods are widely consumed today, and thus they’ve occupied the large parts of your diet, but are they really healthy foods for your daily consumption? Many of us have grown to consume milk and milk products (such as cheese, yogurt) for calcium and essential minerals vital for building healthy bones that we’ve not given second thought to the negative effects of milk. Even the milk producers exaggeratedly advocate the health benefits of drinking milk, in terms of its calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients which I think is part of a dairy industry myth.  

There are numerous health concerns that you should take into account while consuming dairy foods. Milk is polluted with pus, white blood cells, disease-causing bacteria and viruses, in addition to all the pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and other chemical substances. In this matter, USDA is quite aware of the presence of toxins in milk products, but still permits them to be marketed for the consumption of the consumers.

Obesity is Linked to Consumption of Cow’s Milk and Other Dairy Products

You really can’t imagine how much fat is present in cow’s milk, dairy products (ice-cream, yogurts, cheese and etc.) and other products that use milk derivatives such as colostrums (cow’s first milk), lactose, whey and casein. The content of its fat is big enough to cause health problem if consumed in excess, particularly in gaining weight. Americans for example, consume large amount of dairy products and hence, approximately 58% of them are seen facing a health problem of obesity. One significant consequence of people consuming dairy foods is rapid fat gain, and this is indeed a high “octane” that fuels excess body fat particularly among children. Thing becomes even worst when they eat concentrated products like cheeses that is made from cow’s milk.

The Calcium in Cow’s Milk Can’t be Used by Human Body

Let me ask you. Do you know where do cows get their calcium? The answer is from the plant source. The plants that cows consume have a large amount of magnesium and thus enabling their body to use the calcium efficiently for building strong bones and teeth.

Even though cow’s milk has three times the calcium higher than human breast milk, your body is unable to absorb its calcium content because it’s lack of magnesium content. That means that calcium in cow’s milk is basically useless for your body but may harm your health. A significant proof is that those nations who have the highest amount of dairy or milk consumption are also those who have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Further, many scientific research have revealed that calcium found in dairy foods shows either little or no benefit for bone health. The continual dairy consumption will gradually cause a magnesium (a mineral helps to protect against heart disease) deficiency, and later, increasing the occurrence of heart-related disease.

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  1. There are many hazards to drinking milk nowadays and I agree almond milk is good, thanks for sharing this very informative article..

  2. Very well written. I suppose we are all blinded by the commercials owing to the market profit of milk consumption. I have known other cases where actual research is being brought up otherwise because of the market prospects. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  3. shocking

  4. oh really??? Oh my…tht was all new to me. I love yogurt really…and i also like to drink milk but judging from here, i wonder.

    Brilliant input.

  5. Gosh, Chan, these are shocking revalations. I shall be cutting down on milk in future. A very thorough piece.


  6. Amazingly true! Chan, thank you for this article; I’m going to make a copy to show it to my family.
    It’s good to read your articles again. I hope you are OK. God bless!

  7. I cut back on my milk products when the first health warnings became knowledge in the medical world. Interesting article.

  8. I’m not a dairy person, and this information is good to know!

  9. really a shocking one..

  10. Thanks Chan for your research and facts about milk consumption. I had heard that there were harmful ingredients in milk. Look what they feed cows to increase their output.

  11. Great information Chan about the health concerns of dairy products. I’m cutting back after reading this informative article. Very shocking. I love cheese. Not so much any more!

  12. Really shocking. Thanks Chan, for your research and valuable information.

  13. Brilliant post!..I agree with you,,obesity is connected to cow’s milk and other dairy products done Chan..really excellent!! cheers 8) 8)

  14. Agree with you Chan, cow’s milk is for baby cows!

  15. I have read about how unsuitable milk is for our health. Yet it comes as a shocker that milk can cause osteoporosis. As usual, a painstaking research by you.

  16. Very interesting article. Well, need to give it a thought.

  17. Oh no! I drink milk and eat cheese all of the time. I didn’t know any of this happened from dairy products. Thanks for letting us know.

  18. OMG, the part about milk having pus in it makes me want to hurl.:(

  19. I heard some disadvantages of consuming milk, however I’m still shock reading this. Comprehensive, important article.

  20. Thank you for all who read this article. Milk is indeed polluted with unhealthy substance.

  21. Hard to believe, especially when most of us are brought up with the notion that milk is wholesome. This article is an eye opener.

  22. Very interesting and shocking! I feel sick, now.

  23. We are always told how good milk is for our kids, but we’re not told about all the hormones, antibotics, and chemicals. We have been duped.

  24. This fact is new to me. Very shocking indeed. Thanks for the info.

  25. The commercials advertising milk and milk products are paid for the people trying to sell their products. Thank you for the well informed data with the real truth. You write such solid material, I can always trust your research .

  26. I guess it makes sense.. cow’s milk is used for turning 65 pound calves into 400 pound cows… so of course it’s fattening, but to hear that it can actually accelerate bone loss…. The things they tell you to buy buy buy!! This is such a greedy consumer driven country, put the peoples health on the back burner, we need to pump these animals full of drugs and hormones to make more money, and the people?? Who cares, population control, right? That is so wrong!! That’s it I am going Vegan!! I just love cheese!!

  27. u have researched shocking result…really milk unhealthy??…thanks for information…

  28. A very well-researched and nicely presented piece. I have not been drinking milk for a quite a while now. I get my calcium from vegetables.

  29. I use to drink lots of cow’s milk. It made me look healthy and fat because I was so skinny. Then one day, I felt a nausea feeling everytime I dranked it. Then I began to hear about mad cow’s desease. I only drink goat’s milk now. It’s the best for me.

  30. I’m drinking milk right now. An alarmist article.

    I cannot deny that it was well-written though.

    There’s no way milk is bad for you, we’re omnivores. Cow’s can’t be milked only when they’re pregnant, there wouldn’t be a business. It can’t be a nutritional void for us, and perfect for cows. A body is a body.

    You know what else is unhealthy for you? Everything. Love the website, though. Dig it.

  31. Scary! Especially since I love diary products!

  32. Not so sure I agree or believe. I’ve ran into many people who have osteo and don’t drink milk and consume little or no milk products.

  33. Nice and very shocking….

  34. Look up Raw milk availability on google, and scan around for articles on raw cows milk, and the reason it is no longer widely available – that gives clarity to this article.

    To sum it up, raw cows milk is extremely healthy for us to drink, but due to the processes of pastuerisation, hormone and antibiotic treatment, and generally trying to force the cow to \’overproduce\’ for profit, commercial milk is no longer healthy.

    All the claims made by milk sellers are true – but there are many negatives from cows milk due to the methods used in farming it.

  35. Very interesting article. But I do have one question… this article refers to COWS milk. But what about goat’s milk? Or sheep? Is just cow’s milk uniquely harmful, or is it unhealthy for any species to drink milk outside their own species?

  36. Shouldn’t it be common sense that cow’s milk, giraffe milk, goat’s milk, zebra milk…or whatever kind of milk you are talking about was specifically designed for that type of species’ young, and only human milk is for humans? We’re such a strange species drinking the milk of another species after becoming an adult and being weened! Great article!

  37. now i am glad i am lactose and tolerant. lol

  38. Interesting, but milk is still good for other things, like constipation and I feel it’s good for digestion when eaten in the yogurt form, it helps with the movement in your intestines. I can’t quite say that I totally agree with this.. In the end, too much of anything is bad for you.

  39. I love you chan :D

  40. A very alarmist article, with little evidence to back it up. We are always going to get opposing views from the pro and anti milk lobbies. The fact is, as long as you aren’t lactose intolerant, the foodstuffs in cows’ milk is very nutritious, although skimmed milk would be preferable as it has low saturated fat. It’s like everything else- should be part of a balanced diet and not excessively overconsumed. If you are caucasian you are not likely to be lactose intolerant. Far eastern and non-dairy countries have a vested interest in selling alternative rice milk/soya milk. I sincerely hope this isn’t the reason for your bias, Mr. Chan Lee Peng.

  41. we must tell this to nomadic herders! the horsemen in Mongolia,anyone who wanders around with animals to milk

    how are the Maasi not droping dead? maybe they do eat more potatos than they drink milk mixed with blood.

  42. First time to learn about this, and milk can possibly cause cancer?

  43. Sorry, you lost me at “Americans drink lots of milk, and Americans are fat, therefore milk is fattening”. Hopefully even a fifth grader could see the trainwreck of that logic. Especially considering the report I just read that Americans ar drinking a third less milk than they did in the 70’s. I’m guessing you’ve noticed that we’re not exactly a third skinnier now.

    Junk science seems to be a very easy sale these days. Especially when it come to physiology. People are always looking for the easy way out. The fact is that there is no easy way to good health. The trick is to learn to appreciate high-intensity muscle-building activities while tuning your diet to lean proteins and away from simple starches. Milk fits well into a healthy lifestyle.

  44. This must be propaganda from an orange juice company

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