Mini Hookahs – a New Trend

What is a mini hookah? Why are they so popular? This article will give a little overview about mini hookahs.

What Is a Mini Hookah?

The term mini hookah might sound strange to most people and can even have a funny resounding to others but what hides behind these two words is really exciting. What exactly is a mini hookah? Well, it represents a waterpipe or a narghile as it is also known as and it is used for smoking.

The smoke passes through basin that can contain water or alcohol, depending on preferences, and is then inhaled by the smoker. The tobacco used for a mini hookah is more flavored than the one used in manufacturing normal cigarettes and comes in a wide variety of choices so it can really offer the smoker some intense and flavorful sensations. The name under which the tobacco is known is Mu‘assel or Shisha.

This exotic instrument for smoking it is believed to have been invented by a Persian, who wanted to purify and cool down the smoke. So the Middle East is the source for this highly popular smoking instrument called a hookah. Therefore, a mini hookah is just a similar product but at a smaller scale. You can also find some extra information about mini hookahs and their prices from

Immense Fun with the Mini Hookah

The mini hookah has become so popular that it has conquered the entire globe, from South and North America to Europe, South Africa, and Australia. Due to its massive success there are cafes and bars opened especially for smoking through a hookah. However, these goings out could result to be quite expensive at one point, due to the massive fun this smoking instrument manages to create.

So, in order to make some savings you could just buy a mini hookah for yourself and install it to your house. That would be a lot cheaper and more comfortable. Click here to learn more about the prices of mini hookahs. You can call your friends for a smoke and stay up until morning telling stories and making funny figurines from the smoke. The quantity of smoke eliminated through a mini hookah is substantial; it is white as snow and flows in big clouds and this is a strong point of attraction for the mini hookah.

A mini hookah is a great idea for a present. It is not expensive at all and it is most of all original. Additionally, it is a clever and hidden way to suggest to your friends to throw in more wild parties.

Friendly Usage for the Mini Hookah

There is nothing simpler than succeeding in maneuvering a mini hookah. The basic liquid for it is water and as I said it can be replaced with alcohol for more extreme sensations and more wild parties.

The tobacco is placed right above the water and it will be covered by a pierced foil with hot coals on top. All this will be delivered to you together with you newly acquired mini hookah and the cost of replacing them will be extremely low.

Scientists have stated that hookahs and mini hookah in particular, are healthier than the actual smoking of cigarettes because the tobacco is heated at a lower temperature and the water purifies it so the smoking is healthier and addictions are not so frequently encountered.

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  1. Mini hookahs are quite cool

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