Mopiko – an Anti-itching Cream

"We swear by Mopiko." Those were not my words. They were from a friend who had migrated to New Zealand. I asked her, "You mean they don’t have it there?" She answered in the negative and I realised living in Asia has its advantages.

I grew up with Mopiko. I don’t believe there was any family here who do not have a tube of Mopiko in their first aid kit at home. But I guess, migrating to another country, my friend realised that Mopiko was the most effective anti-itching cream ever made.

What is Mopiko?
It is a cream found in a small tube of 20g. It soothes pain and stops itching from bites by lice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, bees or other poisonous insects. You can also apply it if you have measles (you know how that can itch!). It is also effective for irritation after shaving, headaches and pimples. You can also treat it like Deep Heat and use it for muscle fatigue after exercise, or for burns and abrasions. Mopiko is only for external usage. The active ingredients in Mopiko include Menthol, Camphor and methyl Salicylate. It is made in Japan and distributed mainly in Southeast Asian countries.

Living in a tropical island, inevitably, there are mosquitoes, flies and all other sorts of flying creatures that sting us unexpectedly. Thus, when we notice that we start to itch and you can see a reb bump on the skin, it was time to take out the Mopiko from our first aid kit and apply a tiny amount over the itchy spot. It works wonders! The itchiness is not only removed immediately, but it does not return again. That’s the best part!

A tube of 20g of Mopiko costs less than S$3.50. At such a ridiculously low price, you get itch relief. Isn’t it amazing?

Mopiko is cheap and effective, what more can you ask for?

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  1. Sounds like a great product. I’ll have to keep it mind. Maybe they sell in Canada in Asian stores. Thanks for letting us know about it.

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