Natural Ways to Whiten Dark Underarms

This article tells you what are the usual causes of darkening of the underarms and the best natural ways to whiten dark underarms.

The top culprit in darkening of armpits are deodorants and antiperspirants because the contain strong chemicals that irritate the skin. Moreover, antiperspirants contain aluminum chloride that trigger reactions in sensitive skin and cause skin discoloration. On weekends when you mostly stay home, go without deodorants or antiperspirants to give your skin a rest. When you do wear a deodorant, choose a one that does not contain aluminum chloride. You may use alum in crystal form powder deodorants.

Shaving darkens the armpits because it is abrasive and leaves a stubble much like a man’s face after shaving. So even if the skin is not actually dark, the shadow from the root of the hair make it dark. Waxing would be a better option. While there would be some redness immediately after, it disappears soon and for the next 3 weeks or so your armpits get a rest.

So what are the natural ways to whiten dark underarms? At night and on days when you stay home, try applying any of the following to your underarms:

  • Grapeseed oil mixed with a little salt.
  • Juice of a lemon.
  • Mix almond paste with milk and honey.
  • Equal parts lime juice and cucumber juice with a pinch of turmeric. Mix to make a paste.
  • Combine equal parts of yoghurt and milk. Add flour to make a paste.

If you still prefer to buy your whitening creams, the choose those that contain extracts from vitamin C, licorice, and grapeseed.

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