Need a Workout Change, Feeling Bored in Your Workout

A good way to not get bored in your workout is to honestly evaluate your workout routine and find out what really bores you.

Sometimes it can be an easy fix, like changing from aerobics to hip hop dance or kick boxing.  Sometimes you need to take on a whole new activity but with the same intensity levels and targeting the same muscles.  For example, if you jog or swim for exercise, try playing a team sport.


Sometimes you can try something that you never dreamed you would do or be interested in.  Mine would be rock climbing, since I’m scared of heights.  You could also use this to concur some of your hears while staying active.


Find someone to work out with.  The more motivated the partner the better.  That’s why all those workout videos are so successful.  A big part of working out and staying healthy is motivation.


Always, always set a goal.  I want to loose xx pounds.  I want my body fat percent to be xx.  I want to wear that dress at the Christmas party.


Changing your approach to your workout can make all the difference in the world.  It helps work different muscles and helps your mind stay focused and stimulated.   

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