Nine Side Effects of Drug That You Must Know

Each type of drug basically have side effects. Most are minor effect, but some of them can cause discomfort. There are also drugs that provide serious side effects, even bizarre.

The most common drug side effect is associated with the digestive system, especially nausea and abdominal discomfort. For drug for external use, a common side effect is skin irritation.

Here are some bizarre medication side effects:

1. Eating while sleeping

Several types of insomnia drugs can indeed promote sleepiness. But, a few users of these drugs are complaining strange habits, like walking in his sleep, eat, and even having sex while asleep.

2. Trouble sleeping

Cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins, in some people can cause side effects sleep difficulties.

3. Frequent passing of gas

There is a weight loss medication which has the uncomfortable side effects, which cause frequent flatulence, slimy stools, until diarrhea. The drug is quite effective in preventing the absorption of fat in the intestine, but if we eat a lot of fatty foods then the effect is diarrhea and feces mixed with fat.

4. Black feces

Several types of drugs, especially to address the burning sensation in the chest and diarrhea, which turned out to have strange side effects but not dangerous. After taking this drug, patients may experience tongue felt thick and black-colored feces.

5. Missing fingerprints

A cancer patient taking the drug capecitabine types, reportedly experienced a rare side effect of the loss of his
fingerprints. It was known when he was checked at the airport immigration section. Other strange side effects that may arise from the drug is very delicate skin, bleeding, and ulcers in the skin. According to doctors, if the drug is not consumed, usually fingerprints will be back again.

6. Impaired sense of smell.

Vasotec prescription drugs commonly used to control blood pressure and heart failure is known to cause side effects such as loss of sense of smell.

7. Nightmare.

Smoking is a risk factor for chronic disease that can be avoided. One of the drugs to eliminate this bad habit is Chantix. This drug proved quite effective but cause some side effects. This drug users complain of insomnia disorders as well as if they are asleep, they will have nightmares.

8. Blue Sight

A man in England who often use the anti-impotence drug Viagra, claiming his views became blue after drinking this medicine.

9. Increased sex arousal

Restless leg syndrome can make sleeping not soundly. One drug to overcome, the Mirapex, which is also used to treat Parkinson’s disease turned out to cause adverse effects on mental health. Some patients who take this medication admitted the urge to gamble, eat, till the increase of sex arrousal.

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