Obsession & The Spin-off

Materialism and self sacrifice..

       A seventeen year old Chinese boy couldn’t battle himself keeping away from an aristocratic extravagant ipad 2 that he dreamt of and stirred him to craze. He took it seriously and sampled every possibility for his obsession that took him from an organ donor search in the internet to an illegal organ donation. He could not juxtapose more, his kidney and a volatile ipad 2. He couldn’t culminate with an illegal hospital trip which earned him 3,392USD from where he could incur a brand new ipad2 and a laptop as well.

              But the red deep scar would take him every time back down the age to the hospital lobby waiting for a kidney donation just because of an ipad2 with precarious solitary kidney.

Is ipad worth a kidney?

“We are our minds”

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