Organic Foods

Organic foods are more healthy, do not contain toxic substances, antibiotics or growth stimulants.

What are organic foods

Organic food preserves essential nutritional food, basic, no structural changes. Thus, for organic, not genetically modified seeds, which are grown on land use manure only.

Also, processing is mechanical, and the finished product contains no artificial additives.

Organic foods are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Chromium, a mineral important for human metabolism and immune system, is found in higher quantities in organic foods. Likewise, calcium, selenium and magnesium.

What are organic foods

Organic foods are produced by farmers who use natural resources and preservatives made from nature to ensure the quality of food. Eggs, organic meat and milk from animals and birds that were not treated with anibiotice and who did not receive growth hormones.

Organically raised animals receive no growth hormones do not live in small spaces and closed and not treated with antibiotics. These animals benefit from wide areas and are fed more natural.

Organic crops should be grown in soil in which chemicals are added.

Organic meat products

Organic animal products are more demanding and must meet certain standards. Organic eggs must be obtained from birds raised in an environment suitable to be fed quality grain without chemicals and substances that increase productivity.

Milk, dairy and organic cheeses must be derived from natural substances that have not been in contact with industrial products used in grassland soils. It also should not contain chemicals or antibiotics.

Organic meat must have quality proteins come from animals raised naturally, without being stimulated growth hormone or other chemical substances. Also, organic products made from such ingredients should not contain food additives, dyes, preservatives or other toxic substances.

Benefits of organic food and organic

By eating organic food and organic to reduce exposure to toxins used in processed foods. Processed preparations may contain, in addition to pesticides and antibiotics, potentially carcinogenic heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Also, bio and organic foods contain more nutrients. Thus, in these foods, you will find more protein, vitamins and minerals. These foods have a higher content of vitamin C and iron, essential for human body.

Disadvantages of organic food 

Organic foods are healthier and contain higher amounts of nutrients for humans, but are more expensive. Another small drawback is the warranty period. Also, bio and organic foods are more perishable.

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