Organizations That Will Help You Get Eyeglasses

Are you doing without the eyeglasses that you desperately need? If you need help getting an eye exam and glasses there is help available for you. There are even resources that will help you with cornea transplants and glaucoma screenings.

So many Americans are doing without prescription eyeglasses because they cannot afford them.  I was one of them.  For years, I went without glasses because they were broken and I could not get new ones.  At first it wasn’t so bad, but as I got older, my vision worsened.  I couldn’t read signs, and as my vision deteriorated, it got to the point that I was doing the “trombone routine” just to read a paper or fill out forms.

I decided to do some research and found a few organizations that will pay for eye exams and glasses.  Listed below are the organizations, how to contact them and what services they provide.

Lions Club – The Lions Club provides a number of services that include free professional glaucoma screenings, cornea transplants and quality eye care.  Besides collecting 3 million glasses per year, they also conduct a Hometown Day.  This event will help people get free eye exams as well as free eyeglasses through Lenscrafters.

Each year, Lions Clubs nationwide also helps 600,000 people with free professional glaucoma screenings as well as 25,000 desperately needed cornea transplants as well as collect of 3 million pairs of glasses for distribution.  The services provided are based on need and are developed to address the specific needs of each community.

Consult your telephone directory for a Lions Club in your area or contact: Lions Club International, 300 22nd St., Oak Brook, IL 60523; 630-571-5466; Fax: 630-571-5735

Prevent Blindness America

I recently obtained my eyeglasses from this organization and found them to be very easy to work with.  I called the local chapter in my area.  They processed my application over the phone in about 10 minutes and was immediately approved.  You can visit their site at then click on the affiliates tab at the top of the page.  then click on the drop down box titled “select your state” to find out if your state is included in the program.

About a week after I spoke with them on the phone, I received a letter and form that I took to the appointment set by my Prevent Blindness representative.  The appointment was with a local private practice optometrist and I have to say that I was treated very well.  Afterwards, I faxed my prescription to them according to the instructions in the letter and was sent a voucher to take to Lenscrafters.  I chose my lenses from an assortment of very nice frames that were approved for this purpose and I had my glasses in one hour. 

Be sure to ask the doctor to specify on the prescription if you want lineless bifocals if that is what you want.  Otherwise you will be stuck with the traditional style of bifocals.

Sight For Students

Founded in 1997, this organization operates nationwide to provide eye exams and eyeglasses to uninsured children and children in low income families. Sight for Students was launched as part of the “America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth” dedicated to improve the lives of American youths which was founded by Ret. Gen. Colin Powell.

You can visit their site at for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

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  1. My daughter is legally blind along with her other handicaps. Lucky, we are covered. I applaud you for this very needed article. I am sure that a lot of people are doing without and are very much in need. thx you so much!

  2. i am 65 and need eye exam and glasses

  3. I have looked up the lions club here in Pinconning,Mi. It dont give a phone number just the place they have meetings.I need help with eye glasses and can not find help.mine are broken.

  4. There is information here at the Lions Club site.

  5. Also, go here and look up the state you are in, then call them and ask them to mail an application for free eye exam and glasses.

  6. Like share

  7. I am a Senior Citizen a lady age 67 who needs help in getting glasses that is needed really bad. i am on a fixed income so it is hard to get by.

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