Orgasm Ability Affected by Her Walk

In terms of sexual life, women tend to hide it. We do not like men, who would brag about how many women who had been a lover, or anyone who has ever slept with. However, the researchers say, just by observing the way women walk, we can find one part of his sex life. For example, the ability to orgasm.

According to a study conducted by the University of the West of Scotland and some Belgian researchers, the more free and energetic way she walked, the more often they experienced orgasm. Conversely, a rigid gait showed that a woman might have a sexual life full of tension.

The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, was previously observed the sexual behavior of 16 young women, and observe from a distance how to walk them in public areas. Their movements were analyzed by two professors fields of sexology and two research assistants who have a background in sexology, who does not know the history of the women in terms of achieving orgasm.

From these observations, it was concluded that women experience vaginal orgasm could be identified from gait with long steps, and suffered spinal rotation. “This reflects the energetic flow freely and not obstructed from the legs through the pelvis, the spine,” said the researchers.

The results of the study could mean that some women are anatomically prone to vaginal orgasms, while others will limit ourselves to the clitoral orgasm.

“The muscles of the pelvis are blocked, which may be associated with psychosexual attenuation, can weaken the vaginal orgasm response and gait,” said Stuart Brody, lead author of the study.

These conditions could also explain why women are able to experience vaginal orgasms are more confident, and this will be seen from the way they walk. The resulting orgasm from vaginal stimulation is often associated with a better relationship in pairs, which then would lead to greater self confidence. In fact, vaginal orgasm also produce better mental health, according to EurekAlert.

According to the researchers, to determine the relationship between muscle tension and sexual function, chances are we can help the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Women who have sexual barriers can learn how to achieve orgasm by practicing specific movements, including muscle exercises and breathing exercises.

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