Outsourcing Pregnancy: Surrogate Mothers in India

Women who get paid to become pregnant with children of couples who cannot conceive on their own are called surrogate mothers. Surrogacy has become commercial in India and it is also being called outsourcing pregnancy. Invitro fertilization or IVF is used to transfer and implant the embryo into the womb of a surrogate woman.

Outsourcing Pregnancy: Surrogate mothers in India

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Surrogacy and Outsourcing Pregnancy

Hiring a uterus for carrying an embryo has been the most advanced and latest solution in science for the problem of female infertility. In India, the first baby was born with a surrogate mother in 1986 through this technique. Since then, for the past two decades, India has become the leading country in lending uterus.

Women who get paid to become pregnant with children of couples who cannot conceive on their own are called surrogate mothers. Surrogacy has become commercial in India and it is also being called outsourcing pregnancy. Invitro fertilization or IVF is used to transfer and implant the embryo into the womb of a surrogate woman.

Usually, a woman who is not capable of bearing a child due to various reasons, such as removal or deformation of uterus, continuous miscarriage and other hormonal problems can opt for such methods to have a baby.

A place called Anand in Gujarat (Indian state) has become the hub of such activities with more than 3000 clinics exclusively for IVF. Compared to US and other countries, the expense to procure a surrogate mother is very less and only a fraction. This is the reason why couples from America and western countries opt for Indian surrogate mothers.

Another shocking trend is that doctors involved in impotency treatment have stopped treatment for impotency and have become agents/dealers for outsourcing pregnancy (surrogate mothers). Driven by poverty, many women make this a better option to earn money and take care of their family.

Problems faced by the child

After a child is born for a surrogate mother, breast feeding becomes a contentious issue. If at all the child is breastfed, additional cost is to be borne by the couples and if breastfeeding is stopped, the health of the child is at risk. If a child is born with any defects the parents have the option to leave the child. The psychological problem faced by such rejected child is immense and this is a dangerous sign.

Countries like Canada and New Zealand have strict rules on surrogate motherhood and IVF methods, whereas India lacks such rules. In Japan, surrogacy is strictly forbidden. This is the time for India and its government to wake up and put restrictions on such abuse of technology that can otherwise be practices to the welfare of people.


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  1. very well said . .thanks for this very nice article.

  2. Nice. Who is the real biological mother of the child the surrogate mother?

  3. Very nice post and great analysis as usual Doc :)

  4. Don’t know what to say. This is a great achievement for the humankind but at the same time, I think, this is just too much for my simple mind to accept.

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  6. This is thought provoking, perhaps unnecessary, this surrogate motherhood with all the risks.Adoption is better.

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  9. very well explained Doc. I have watched this on TV once. The surrogate mothers really have no choice, for the sake of the families, they take the tasks, the money received help them to overcome their financial difficulties faced.

  10. Surrogacy indeed remains as a big issue for the health authorities. We need more laws on this. Very good article doctor.

  11. A very well explained piece but I am not sure I like the idea of surrogacy.


  12. Oh, have not heard of it being practiced in the Philippines yet. Hope your government can implement more stringent restrictions regarding this.

  13. It’s a gift to share in bringing a child into the world. Better rules need to be put in place so that this happens under the best conditions for all involved.

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  20. I understand why infertile couples might want this.. but India has such a huge overpopulation problem I am amazed that this would be promoted.

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  22. Well written! It somehow doesn’t look like a morally right thing to do. Why not adopt instead? I don’t know? But I know enough that I wouldn’t want any part of this.

  23. Well, it is way of earning and also helping those who can’t bear children of their own.

  24. These things should be standardized with quality controls in effect.

  25. You wrote an excellent article about surrogacy. I agree that this could be a very tricky situation for the parents. Do they get the surrogate to breastfeed the baby and spend even more money? Do they avoid breastfeeding all together?

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  33. It isn’t right to leave the child with the surrogate if there is a defect. They need laws to protect them.

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  40. Very new to me but all i can say is what is happening to the world!!! I am not agree how babies were treated as a commodity, accept if good and reject when defective. I would go for adoption than this. Sometimes technology makes us very inhumane. How sad :( you’ve done a great article here

  41. Wow, Children are special miracles/gifts. I know some women will never be happy inside them until they have a kid. If that’s what it takes… Well, who are we to raise eyebrows. I wish them well and hope it works out.

    Great Article
    Shuku ria. :)

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    I hope and pray that Indian your voice will be heard .

  51. I’m sorry, I meant I hope and pray that the Indian Government will hear your voice .

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