Outsourcing vs.. Internal Ambulette Service – What is The Best Option?

It’s amazing how medical costs can skyrocket. For patients who require regular treatment, transportation and laboratories can

really feel the harsh reality of an economy in recession. But even in these days, there is a way to relax a little spending.

This can be done through a service ambulette.

First, the service ambulette / Kabul, a highly specialized transportation service, designed for people with physical or

medical needs.

So if this is still insufficient, the variant that patients receive? The answer to this is not a medical emergency or NELM


This special transportation service is designed specifically for individuals and / or medical. This means you get a car that

is properly equipped, the pilot and the staff qualified to operate the equipment and the vehicle properly and most

importantly, medically trained to monitor during the trip.

So what benefits you can enjoy the service ambulette:

- ADA certification of vehicles and equipment
- Certificate of pilots and
- Accreditation of Health Facilities
- 24 / 7 shuttle bus
- More cost effective than the ambulance service
- More doctors car or public transport noise
- Can be customized for specific customer needs

These are the main reasons why many patients who choose this alternative means of transport.

Why not do it yourself?
In the middle of the many benefits of choosing an ambulette service, many still doubt that there is a logical choice. Most

people say they do better than just themselves. Of course, creating its own transport Kabul for your family is anything

worthy of praise. In fact, many believe that this is a viable alternative. It is indeed, but the cost of maintenance can be


Those who choose to modify their vehicles or buy a new specifically for this misconception that they save more. So before you

decide to invest for their personal transportation ambulette following in mind first.

Cost of vehicle
There are several things to consider in the car alone. First, you may need to modify your car to accommodate the special

equipment for transportation. Get a new car can cost more. On the other hand, just slap the equipment and other decorative

items which are not as easy as you might think. There are many rules to follow. In addition, inspections, insurance, not to

mention wear and tear can be a big problem. Finally, most if not all employees ambulette services have only one vehicle

available. If it breaks, you do not have a spare when you really need.

Cost Driver
Even if you get a highly skilled pilot, he / she must still pass the requirements of the ADA. Continuing education and

retraining is necessary. This involves costs just to keep the driver updated and certified. Of course, other issues such as

compensation, benefits, overtime pay and that is always hovering over the ground again.

Intangible costs
There are also many intangible factors that create problems radically in the future. Overhead, liability issues, parking

concerns and issues of risk reduction, perhaps.

On average, a trip that will cost as much as $ 100 (or more). This includes fuel costs, costs to the driver, vehicle

maintenance and others. No doubt these are important questions to consider before taking this option.

How ambulette service cheaper!

Many think they can save if they do it on their own. But there is a better alternative to it – to outsource their services to

the needs ambulette.

Of course, the cost of obtaining an ambulette service less than an ambulance. But it is still cheaper than starting your own.

The reason for this is to share the cost because of high utilization. To make this easier, think ambulette more vehicles used

simultaneously. This means that overhead and other shared between all the available cars and not the shoulders of a single

car. This means less cost to the patient. If you keep a vehicle for their personal needs, you can use up to $ 100 per trip!

But the service ambulette, this number can be as low as $ 74.00 per trip.

In addition, you will not have to worry about liability concerns because they benefit from risk reduction and a comprehensive

liability insurance. Also, you pay only when you are away. This means less problems with the driver compensation and

benefits. In addition, provide 24 / 7 transportation provided, as there are many cars available. If one is not available,

there is always another vehicle for transportation.

It is so easy to be drawn into hasty decisions, especially those relating to money. You can be blinded by the illusion of

savings, when in reality they are not. This happens when the idea of ??non-emergency medical transportation. There are

several options available for patients, but only one is actually the sound in all respects.

- You get safety training of medical personnel
- You like vehicles and equipment well maintained and certified
- You get the best transportation service at the most affordable price

Kabul outsourcing service is the best course of action that can focus on what matters most in the world – the patient’s

family. You can leave behind all the problems Kabul service provider to take all other concerns for you.

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