Overcome Sleep Trouble

Tips to solve sleep troubles, including everything from exercise to psychological methods.

Sleep trouble affects millions of Americans. Whether it’s the occasional stressed-out restlessness or the constant insomnia, trouble sleeping can lead to an unproductive, unhealthy day. I’ve faced many restless nights and have learned a few tricks to deal with them. Hopefully they will work for you too.

Never Stay in Bed

If you’ve been trying to fall asleep for half-an-hour and are completely awake, don’t stay in bed! Insomnia is sometimes caused by nervousness or worry-ironically, worry or nervousness that you won’t fall asleep. Staying in bed and trying to fall asleep consciously is horrible in my experience. It’s almost as if your mind is too busy thinking about falling asleep to fall asleep. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to keep trying to fall asleep.

Get out of your bed and out of your room. Drink a glass of warm milk and watch T.V. for a few minutes. Try again. Hopefully, you’re more relaxed and tired this time.

Your Bed is a Place to Sleep

It is important to get your subconscious to see your bed as the place where you fall asleep, and not the place where you are on your laptop or where you watch T.V. That means no watching T.V. from your bed, no eating there, and especially no surfing the Internet there.

Your bed should be comfortable. It is important to have an adequate mattress and soft sheets. Experiment with different pillows to see what you like.

If allergies affect you late at night, it might be because your mattress or sheets are dusty. Wash them. If that doesn’t work or if your allergies are just off the charts, try buying a hypoallergenic mattress, sheets, and a blanket.

Go For a Walk

If you’ve left your room and drank some milk and still don’t feel sleepy, then go for a walk. Slow, peaceful walks in the night are great for winding down. It’s just you, the darkness, and the stars. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t work if it’s the middle of winter.

Sleep trouble can be a result of stress, breathing problems, psychological problems, or anything from pain to having too much energy. Walking can rid you of excess energy, reduce stress and even just be a healthy way to pass time.

Exercise in the Day

I’ve heard many times that you shouldn’t exercise in the evening because it might actually give you sleep troubles. I’ve never experienced this, though. Actually, I’ve noticed quite the opposite. When I exercise to the point of complete exhaustion, I’ve always found it easier to fall asleep and the quality of sleep has been much better.

Exercise is known as one of the best stress reducers. It increases your health, essentially preventing future injuries. For those of you with asthma, exercise-controlled and consistent-can actually reduce symptoms, making it easier to breathe at night.. Just remember to always have your quick-relief inhaler.

Seek a Doctor

If none of these things work for you, you may want to get professional help. I don’t like the idea of taking sleeping pills, but there are other options, and the root cause of your sleeping troubles might get fixed.

Sleeping difficulty is one of the most widespread problems affecting Americans today. It can essentially ruin your day and life if you let it. Hopefully these methods work for you.

Good luck.

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