Pain Relief by Swearing

Since I was young my mother always tried to keep me from swearing but now years later scientists seem to think that using those four letter words may help to decrease pain.

Since i was young my mother always tried to keep me from swearing but now years later scientists seem to think that using those four letter words may help to decrease pain.

A study was preformed by Keele University. Using 66 volunteers who were asked to submerge their hand into ice water while singing out their favorite swear. It seems that the outcome of the study was that swearing while having discomfort made it possible for them to keep their hands in the ice water longer. Swearing increased their pain tolerance.

The volunteers were asked first to submerge their hands in the ice water and swear then the second time they were asked to use 5 words to describe a table. The study showed that those who swore could submerge their hands much longer than those who used the 5 words to describe the table.

It seems that when you swear it makes things more tolerable because swearing triggers your fight or flight response. This means when you swear it makes you seem more aggressive and less feeble. This also seems to be the reason many people swear in the first place.

So the next time you see that guy walking down the street swearing his head off, who knows maybe he is in some incredible pain and just trying to relieve it. I bet the guy with turrets syndrome does not have any pain issues either. Who knows maybe Mom was wrong on this one.

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  1. I swear sometimes to.

  2. It is “Tourette Syndrome”, not “Turret’s Syndrome”

    Credibility increases with accuracy. :-)

  3. Interesting!

  4. Written with a little comedy. That does lighten the air ! Interesting study.

  5. Thanks for that.


  6. I slip every now and then.
    Then igo to the Lord to say that I am sorry.
    Everybody slips every now and then.
    This is what makes us human.
    We all have our drawbacks.

  7. Sometimes i go to my children for comfort.
    They are only 7 and 10, but at times it is the little things that are comforting.
    For example;
    Their hugs and kisses.
    My 10 year old daughter gives some awesome ,
    I mean awesome shoulder and backrubs to make me feel better.

  8. thx for such a nice blog.. and swearing may lessen pain but i would rather endure pain than swear at my man.

  9. I don’t like swearing but that’s because of my upbringing. I’ve often wondered why swearing was so common, now I know. Thanks for this.

  10. interesting post, learn a thing or two today.

  11. Interesting. I’m not a big on swearing, but that doesn’t stop me from going all out when I stub my toe. :-)

  12. Must think about this matter.

  13. I’m not at all surprised. That’s probably why so many people swear when they are hurt. We learn through experience.

  14. Swearing, nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t offend anybody.

  15. I heard about this test. It may work, but at the same time, how many words can you come up with to describe a table? I’m wondering if the people didn’t just run out of things to say. Whereas, I can think of a 1000 cuss words.

  16. Excellent article, Linda, it deserves five stars. It makes me wonder: What about if I start swearing a little for a change. It made smile with the choices I would have. Thank you again. You’ve made my day with this one. Saludos. Hugo.

  17. This is an excellent article!

  18. Great article—really *!^*ing enjoyed it.

  19. I did read something about this in the news and I must say, I’m glad you’ve brought it to attention on Triond. Personally, I don’t know how true but it is pretty interesting to know that swearing isn’t totally negative and does have some positives to it too. Interesting article with a good message behind it.

  20. interesting approach! Good article. Thanks

  21. my grandson is the most wonderfull gentle person in the world but as just been diogosed with mild turrettsw and is finding it hard to cope we all ar any help advice we you can advise would be very welcome ohara many thanks

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