Persuasive Essay. Why You Shouldn’t Smoke

Reasons why you shouldn’t smoke.

I strongly bealive that smoking is a horrible, disgusting and dangerous habbit. there are some people who would disagree with me but these will probably be the people that are allready hooked.

The first point i would like to argue is about how bad smoking is for your health. cigarettes contain three harmfull substances, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. nicotine is a nasty and highly addictive drug, once hooked most people find it extremly difficult to stop. nicotine also causes blood preasure to rise and may cause heart attacks. cigarettes also contain tar. Tar is a disgusting brown sticky substance that blocks your lungs and cuts down the amount of oxygen getting into your blood stream and therefore the rest of the body. Tar can also cause lung cancer which is life threatning. carbon monoxide is also present in cigarettes. Carbon monoxide is a poisoness gas, which like tar, also prevents oxygen from getting around the body.

Smoking will eventually cause smokers cough. smokers cough is when smokers have to clear the tubes in their throat and lungs. they do this by involunterely coughing. would you really want to inflict yourself with all these problems?

Another reason i strongly bealive that smoking is a horrible habbit is that it makes your hair and clothes smell, ages your skin faster than need be and it turns your teeth, tounge, fingers and finger nails yellow. who really wants that?

Another thing that people may not realise about smoking is you can loose parts of your body! yup thats right. if your body looses too much oxygen to one certain part of your body you may have to have that part of your body amputated. i don’t know about you but i’d rather keep all of my body parts.

Yet another reason not too smoke (yep theres more) is that there is one really nasty disease you can get called emphasema. What happens when you get emphasema is that you are allways short of breathe, it destroys the tubes in your lungs, damages your air sacs and it also causes your feet and ancles to swell AND IS NOT CURABLE. If you get this disease you will have it for life but stopping smoking helps.

People say they smoke because they think it is good for stress. This has scientifically been proven wrong but smokers become affected physiologically and it makes them feel better when they have a cigarette. smokers may also say it has never done them any harm so they don’t see why they should stop, then again, i’ve never seen a smoker with a crystal ball before either, have you? another thing smokers may say is that they’ve had a realative that smoked all their lives and lived untill they were about 90 but i find this irrelavent to the fact that they may still be in danger themselves, plus, they are also harming others around them inflicting them with passive smoking and i’m sure you know exactly what that is.

So all in all i think we can agree that smoking is in no way shape or form a good thing and is a great danger to smokers and those around them. i hope these facts have convinced you that smoking is nothing but bad for you.

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  1. i have never smoked in my life and some kids by the dock wanted me to but because of this im not going to

  2. you sould definatley smoke today! try it

  3. Shush up, moshin.

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