Physician Assistant Salary – an Overview

The career path of a physician assistant is so clear that you’ll get to earn enough salary for you to stand on your own. And what’s even greater about being a physician assistant is that you could learn many things in the field of medicine – even if you are not a registered nurse or doctor. You can also get in touch with different people, helping them with their health needs; and that alone is fulfilling on your part as you are an instrument to lessen someone else’s burden.

These days, a huge number of individuals are hunting for works related to medical care discipline. The reason behind this is because aside from their passion to work in the medical field, the salary is considered to be high. One particular medical profession which a lot of people is considering now is physician assistant. In fact, a physician assistant salary is considered to be one of the highest in the market, which is the main reason why it’s in demand. Read this article for you to know more about how much they are earning.


Basically, you must finish PA course following an undergraduate degree completion. You must have associated health care practical experience. Get a permit. You can’t work as a physician assistant without holding a license. You can easily get a license as soon as you’ve undergone a certified program. You just need to take and pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying test and send your application to get your own state permit.

Job Description

PA does similar obligations to that of certified health professionals. These duties consist of taking notes, guiding people or patients, undertaking therapy, suggesting treatment, and different administrative tasks.

Physician Assistant Salary

Yearly – Generally, when it comes to a physician assistant salary, it ranges from $60,000 to $110,000 yearly. This wage range is no different from other careers. There are actually a variety of things that explain the total earning from practical experience, education and learning, knowledge, place, work setting, etc.

Part-time – On average, part-time PA’s earn around $50.52 per hour which is obviously above average compared to other professions.

Full-time – Full-time PA’s make an average salary of $95,000. Although reports see a recent decline in their full-time salary, it is still considered as one of the highest in the medical field.

Workplace Setting – In urban areas, physician assistant salary is far higher than that of the rural places.

For full-time PA’S, they earn more in workplace settings according to this order:

  1. Mental health – $113,000
  2. Emergency department – $102,000
  3. Cardiology – $99,000
  4. Beauty and dermatology – $95,000
  5. House Calls – $94,000
  6. Family practice – $91,000
  7. Retail clinic – $90,000
  8. Correctional Facilities – $89,500
  9. Pediatrics – $85,000
  10. School Clinics – $80,000

On the other hand, part-time PA’s strongly depend on their hourly rates and can be calculated according to the total number of hours they render service.

Physician website provides complete details on the physician assistant salary and different factors such as location, specialization and experience which affects it. If you are planning to join a physician assistant school in California, you should check out the complete guide on physician assistant programs in California.

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