"Quit Smoking" with Bananas

Have you been trying to quit smoking lately? here’s an easy way to do it.

You are aware of the fact that smoking is extremely injurious to health, you care for your health but still can’t stop yourself from buying packets of cigarettes day after another. Don’t worry, it’s just because you are addicted to it. We all understand that it is actually very hard to quit something we are addicted to, but we should also take into account of the facts that may have adverse effect on our health.

Nothing is impossible and it is absolutely possible to quit smoking, you just need a strong determination. I have seen many who were heavy smokers but now they don’t even think of it. During the last few days I found that there is something that may help you to quit smoking, it is easily available and yummy to eat. Friends it’s the “Banana” that may help you to some extent.

People who smoke have high levels of nicotine in their blood; this nicotine level urges them to smoke again and again. Researchers have found that bananas have certain minerals like potassium, magnesium and vitamins like vitamin B6 and B12, that facilitate reduction of nicotine content of blood and hence influence people to smoke less.

Not only these there are several other health benefits of banana, it is a great energy booster due to its high carbohydrate content. It has high levels of tryptophan that enhance your mood making you happy and combat depression. The high potassium content lowers blood pressure and its high fiber content eases digestion and bowel movement.  

It is for that reason prudent to eat bananas, if you are trying to quit smoking. I’d say it’s worth giving a try.

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  1. brilliant article thanks for the support : elee

  2. Hopeful article for those struggling. Common sense started to remind me each time I picked up a cigarette, so it was my thoughts that stopped me cold turkey 14 years ago. I am so free…I am a mature woman that can run up stairs now and not cover my sweet perfume with the smell of nicotine. But besides all of that, I have had family and friends die from the results of smoking. People have to wake up and believe, it can be done. If it happened to me, it can happen to them if they really understand how harmful nicotine is to them and the people around them. Great writing. :)

  3. very interesting

  4. A great read and thanks for sharing .
    Here’s to so many more to come.
    Take care and enjoy your day.

  5. Interesting read…Thanks for sharing:)

  6. What a great article a pleasure to read and one that I am sure will help many. Can I also take this time to thank you for stopping by and adding me as a friend it is most appreciated, I look forward to reading many more of your articles.
    Best Wishes

  7. Thanks so much Steve! Glad to have you as a friend!

  8. Thanks so much Steve! Glad to have you as a friend!

    Read more:

  9. That really help me, i already smoke since 10 years…. Thanks for sharing

  10. Makes sense! Eat bananas and avoid non-smokers from going bananas!

  11. its called addiction to nicotine. for a non-smoker, quitting is very easy, but in fact really hard to do.

  12. thanks 4 sharing

  13. As the saying goes…An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away. But a Banana a Day, Makes you live longer.

  14. Thanks-good article

  15. Interesting. I have a son who is tryng to quit smoking and he has been eating lots of bananas lately.

  16. Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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