Recognize It, Causes Impaired Fertility Couples

INTERFERENCE fertility can lead to harmony of the couple to be reduced. Youalso need to beware before this disorder is a serious threat to the sustainability ofhouseholds in the future.

Recognize It, Causes Impaired Fertility Couples
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INTERFERENCE fertility can lead to harmony of the couple to be reduced. Youalso need to beware before this disorder is a serious threat to the sustainability ofhouseholds in the future.
After reaching one year of marriage and you have not given a baby should be examined by it. Moreover, sexually active efforts made ​​so far have not yielded any results. Could be, there are fertility problems that lurk both of you. To find out more, consult a doctor to be a step that can be taken.
“Fertility disorders can be caused by the husband, wife or a combination of bothfactors,” said Dr. Budi Wiweko Sp.OG (K), the Secretary General of the Society for In Vitro Fertilization Indonesia (PERFITRI), in a seminar on infertility and IVF, at the Brass Rim Mega, Jakarta, Saturday (31/03/2012).
Furthermore, Doctor Wiko, her nickname, explaining that the fertility problems that come from the wife is usually caused by impaired maturation of the egg, the eggtract obstruction or interference with the uterus and ovaries. While on the men, the factors that influence in it is a matter of sperm, either because there are very fewor none at all.

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