Red Wine and Purple Grapes Have Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Wine, is not for everyone speak to your personal physician. Doctors will not stop patients from drinking red wine during chemotherapy treatment. A better choice would be to drink as much red or purple grape juice as desired. Red wine helps during chemotherapy; it reduces the side effects of radiation by approximately 60-70% know. It is suggested that patient undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, drink two glasses of red wine for health benefits. In medical terms it shows that the natural antioxidant from grape skins and red wine crippled the function of pancreatic cancer cell’s core energy source or mitochondria. Please we must understand on individual terms, red wine can be positive for one and negative for the other.


  •  Remove grapes from the stems.
  •  Wash under running water.
  •  Strain the water from the grapes. 
  •  Run the grapes in batches through a juicer / blender or magic bullet.
  • With skin and seeds all intact.
  • Remember the pigments are in the skin and seeds 100% more than in pulp.
  •  In the same juicer, blender or magic bullet crush ice cubes.
  •  Add water, squeeze in lime if desired, and stir.
  •  If using a blender add the grapes and ½ cup filtered water to the blender container.
  •  Blend grapes until liquefied. Pour the juice as it is, do not strain. Drink as it is.
  • Concord grapes, the grape traditionally used to make conventional grape juice.
  • Buy a bag of concord dark grapes, juice them all in one go. Divide the juice into

3-4 glasses. Drink one glass, freeze the rest.  De freeze and drink alternate days.

Dark Purple Grapes with Seeds has most health benefits: Purple grapes contain a rich supply of antioxidants that have many health benefits. Grapes rank with blueberries and blackberries as excellent, The absence of seeds diminishes the physio chemical content. Higher health benefits are in the pigments, mainly in the skin and seeds, than in the pulp. Grapes are rich in elegiac acid, that helps fight cancer. Purple Grape Extract lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol, and decreases plasma inflammatory bio-markers
Grape juice also suppresses the growth and development of breast cancer. The pigments in grape juice improve immune responsiveness. Dark Purple Grape juice three times a week promotes brain health and reduces 70% risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Positive health benefits of wine: 5 health capabilities, here’s what we all must know:

  1. For those who already going for chemotherapy, the antioxidant found in red wine, kills cancer cells from the inside and improves the effectiveness of radiation  by 60-70% during chemotherapy treatments. (speak to your personal physician)
  2. Wine raises good cholesterol and act as blood thinner and prevents  bad cholesterol from forming plus prevents blood clots and reduces blood vessel damage caused by fat deposits.
  3. The primary cardiovascular benefit, it contains rich source of antioxidants phonetics that helps prevent heart attack, its alcohol content and non-alcoholic physio chemical reduces the risk of heart disease.
  4. Slows the progression of certain cancers and neurological degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.
  5. Non-alcoholic physio chemical in wine,  act as antioxidants and prevent molecules known as “free radicals” from causing cellular damage in the body.

Negative side of wine: check all this 5 points before you sip a glass of wine!

  1. Wine is not for everyone seeks the advice of your personal physician
  2. Triglycerides:One downside to wine consumption is that it can elevate triglyceride levels, which is associated with health problems such as diabetes. 
  3. Breast Cancer Risk: alcohol can increase estrogen levels and raise tumor progression in women with (or at high risk for) estrogen positive breast cancer.
  4. Migraines: Wine is often a big trigger for people who suffer with migraine headaches. Red wine seems to be a much bigger migraine trigger
  5. Weight Gain: Calories that lack nutrients and can lead to weight gain.
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