Red Wine is Good for Our Health

Vector-resveratrol – a substance that rejuvenates our cells.

Observations on the inhabitants of the Dodging in France, which are 95 percent of wine drinkers indicate that they have a ventures dementia risk thanwine-abstainers. In addition, wine drinkers less likely to die from cardiovasculardisease. Reason the ingredient in red wine - resveratrol and resveratrol in particular vector - or more precisely to take a closer look.


Resveratrol in red wine, put what rejuvenates the cells and others Can stopdementia
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Cheers to the red wine! Wine is to be the beginning of human history as a known cure. The alcoholic beverage is considered to be the oldest medicine in general.In countries where wine is traditionally drunk a lot, is the health benefits of suchRed wine also well known and scientifically proven. Anyone who drinks wine has a lower risk of stomach ulcers, reduces its risk of dementia, is his life expectancymay increase by 33 percent and less likely to die of cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy in moderation! For this reason also advises the WHO (World HealthOrganization) to drink wine every day well. However, the dosage of one to two eighths are not exceeded for women (up to 1 glass) and two to three eighths (max. about 2 glasses) for men. In the center of all the studies on the positiveeffects of red wine is in this context, the ingredient resveratrol. Reason enoughresveratrol and resveratrol in particular vector - or more precisely to take a closer look.

Natural Resveratrol is one of the phytochemicals. According to studiesResveratrol is a substance that rejuvenates our cells and our resident cell aging.There are 80 percent water, alcohol, many other substances such as vitamins,minerals and phytochemicals found in red wines. Apart from all these substanceshave alcohol in the wine favorable effects on the human organism. The highestlevels of phytochemicals (resveratrol), also called polyphenols, can be found todayin the wine made ​​from grapes of the Pinto Nor, Cabernet Avignon, Merlot andTann at.

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