Resistance Mechanism Resist

Fruit from chile for new hope.

Antibiotic resistance or drug-resistant bacteria is a health problem now faced by the medical world. Hope of solving this problem falls to the avocado fruit from Chile.

In a study published in the Journal of Microbial Chemotherapy is shown that the content in Chilean avocado able to resist the mechanisms of resistance of Staphylococcusaureus (also called staph infeksek).

Staph infection that is known as a type of bacterial infection that most often experienced by people after surgery. The impact of serious bacterial infections, ranging from sepsisto food poisoning.

Double the work of Chilean avocados are combined with conventional antibiotic is quiteeffective against infections that are resistant to antibiotics alone.

According to the researchers, the avocado is capable of reducing levels of the antibioticMIC. MIC is the lowest level of concentration of antibiotics needed to stop bacterial growth. Avocados from Chile who studied this so-called MIC levels of antibiotics can reduce up to eight times.

“The bacteria that are resistant pump mechanism having expenditures in the membranebody that works to promote antibiotic. Research managed to identify the content of the work behind the pump so that the defense mechanism of bacteria that made ​​it known. Thus, antibiotics could work,” said Jes Glitz Holler, scientists from University ofCopenhagen Denmark are doing this research.

Besides avocado researchers are now also investigating several substances to fightsuperbugs, one of which is honey made ​​from manuka flowers. In laboratory studies, theresistant bacteria had needed by the active substance of this honey.

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