Robert Downey Jr.’s Ironman Workout Routine

Robert Downey Jr had to work particularly hard because he had slimmed down & put on 15 pounds of pure muscle for his role as Iron Man.How?

How Robert Downney Jr. transform himself to become a “Ironman” in 5 months times?Is time to revealed how actually Robert can whipped himself into “Ironman” shape & get lean,buff and cut in such short period of times. The key is Robert’s personal trainer Brad Bose which famous of using strange fitness equipment and also considers psychology of training his client. With the supervise of Brad, Robert able to put on 20 pounds of solid muscle within 5 months. Keep on reading to find out how Robert  build up power superhero muscle and weight loss secret.

Before move further, let get to know more about Brad Bose. He into the fitness business for twenty years experiences. Brad also has experience in wrestling and sword work. He more refrain from judgement and let client discover for themselves what they want from their training sessions rather than stand over someone lying down as he believe it creates a dominant-submissive relationship.

Brad Bose body fitness services not come in cheap.Every Brad excellent fitness sessions cost for $175 per clients.Is it worth the money? According to Downey, Brad is a professional in this stuff. A lot of people out here are good and gifted and they’ve got books out. But when you go back and find out, what they really know about physiology is kind of limited. But he’s the guy. Seem like Robert satisfy with Brad training & he the man for this job.

For Downey’s case, the challenge is to keep him from looking too much like a superhero as his character is an alcoholic and a womanizer and he’s an arm dealer. Not need six-pack or bulging muscles build for Robert body, but they wanted to see that he had a power to forge iron.

To solve the Ironman case, Robert trained 5 days per weeks with the aggressive workout plan including weight lifting, intensive martial art training and cardio exercise. Brad used some of his high tech equipment including something called Jacob’s Ladder, The Vortex, and The Pineapple.Jacob’s Ladder is pretty much just a revolving ladder on an incline while The Vortex is a complicated piece of machinery that will basically hit your body from any angle using cables, gravity, and your own body weight.  The Pineapple is a vibration machine that you can stand on, lean on, or sit on and it’s movement is designed to thoroughly exhaust the muscles thus working your body to failure. It you to use your core muscles, and leg muscles.  You can do weights,a step-style cardio workout and even yoga on it. Click HERE to find out more how you actually can become and own a superhero body sharp as Robert Downey Jr. with the professional guide which provide intensive training with full high HD tutorial video guide.

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  2. Great Article! I absolutely love the Robert Downey JR!! I use to change up my workout routine every 3-4 weeks so my body does not adapt to the workout routine. They have thousands of free workout Plans available. Best of health!

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