Root Out The Bad Habit

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of it.

       Smoking, Alcohol, and caffeine are addicting. Many start taking them just for socializing. But before they know it, hey are already hooked on the habit.

       Smoking has already been established as a direct cause of heart diseases and lung cancer. Hence, all cigarette packs contain the warning: Cigarette smoking is deleterious to your health!

        Alcohol causes liver cirrhosis, brain stroke, neuropathies and malnutrition. Countless live have been claimed due to vehicular accidents and fights because of alcohol intoxication. Though alcohol in small amount of red wine, may have beneficial values such as heart protective, but this benefit do not equal the bad effects it has in our body.

        Coffee, tea, and cola drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine should be avoided because it is a nerve stimulant, and can cause stomach irritation, too. The high sugar content of these drinks can also lead to diabetes.

        Tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine drinks have used in the olden days as medicinal substances. It has been found out, however, that these are habit forming are no longer used today for a medicinal purposes.

          You may not know it, but you may have habits that are ruining your health TV or computer addiction, gambling, pornographic magazines or even over-eating. Remember that too much of anything may be hazardous to your health. Root out the bad habit, and reap good health!

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  1. Bad habits stick with most people

  2. good article

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