Saliva Has Healing Properties

A protein called Histatin that is found in saliva is responsible for healing wounds.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you hurt yourself and you lick the wound, it heals faster? Now we know why!


Some scientists from The Netherlands recently isolated the compound that is responsible for that, and is the Histatin, a protein found in the saliva. After a serial of experiments that allowed them to prove that saliva contents healing properties, they worked on isolate the molecule with that capability, and found that a protein was the one.

Important Discovery

This is an impressive discovery, because it explains why wounds in the mouth heal faster than other wounds, even though the mouth is full of bacteria. The uses that this discovery may have are unlimited. This protein can be used in people with injuries due to diabetes, ulcers, and other conditions. It could become a very common medicine for all kind of wounds.

Animal Instinct

That finding also explains why little kids and animals lick their wounds based on instinct. Even when it hasn’t been proved, all animals licked their wounds, as if they knew something that we didn’t. Sometimes instinct is one powerful thing we have on our favor.

Let’s see how this discovery ends up, and what interesting applications scientists develop from this tiny protein. Meanwhile, every time you have a wound remember to lick it!

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  1. I bet you are a sexy mama.

  2. I suppose it’s not just anyone’s saliva though. I read a hiker’s magazine recently in which an article discussed allowing animals to lick ones wound if hurt in the wild. The answer was a firm “No!”

  3. very interesting, now i know how to heal my wound!!
    great article!!! =o)

  4. Please people don’t let animals lick at their wounds. The trauma dogs incur with excessive licking is far worse than any potential benefit of this protein. It’s like a little kid scratching a mosquito bite till it bleeds. Hate to be a downer but I’ve seen dogs rip open incisions and eat their own viscera.

  5. i had a theory like this one tried to research it turns out it does “enough research will tend to support your theory”

    -a poster in my bathroom.

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