Sexual Positions for Female Pleasure

Italian scientists discover some amazing truths related to women health and pleasure.

Italian scientists from Florence made a surprising discovery: a little wine has a positive effect on sexual sensation for women.

In the experiment involving nearly 1000 females of all ages, those that regularly drank 1 to 2 glasses of wine a day, never had problems with sexual pleasure. Head of research team Giuseppe Lombardi says that wine allows women to relax and relieve stress. In addition, it improves the tone and improves blood circulation, which is important in the physiology of sex.

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And middle aged women, who drink wine, feel much more confident in bed. However it is worth noting that the wine must be of good quality and should not be abused because large doses of alcohol cause a sharp reverse effect.

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  1. What exactly did you want to write about? You seem to have posted the wrong title.

  2. The article content and title does not match! However, it is not wise to encourage people to have wine, just for the pleasure on bed :)

  3. Nice article.. don’t know about the title though but hey ho we all make mistakes


  4. You Title goes bit wrong, :-(

  5. I agree with the above 3 comments, friend. What happened?

  6. Great article but the title was off.

  7. expecting some thing else..great article though

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  9. Mis-leading! Outraged! No information about the positions of pleasure! I thought you knew something! The blood flow thing was helpful—but nothing about legs reaching for the star, no backside, surf-sdie show—nothing that visible that I could use to make you say:”Ooooou!” Cool!

  10. Rethink! Oh! Get drunk! That is the sexual position of pleasure for women! Get real!

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