Shock: Cigarette Packets Were Given a New Look!

The most stringent anti tobacco laws in the world can boast of Australia. In addition to being prohibited from using any logos on cigarette boxes to be displayed from December just text alerts and detailed photographs of the harmful effects of smoking on health. In a convenience store so you can choose several visuals of cigarettes – the rotten toes, cancer, lung conditions, or handicapped newborns, who came into the world as offering the most widespread habit of mankind in general.

Treatment of shock

That is exactly how the responsible authorities came to the alarming state of patients who die from the effects of smoking. In Australia, each year 15,000 people die from cancer and other diseases, which themselves helped by a daily dose of nicotine. Responsible government bodies and decided to support a slightly shocking campaign that aims to reduce the percentage fajĨiarov from 15 to 10 percent in 2018, strict laws, which limits the advertising of tobacco products.

Known cigarette packets as from December this year will receive a new, up to unsympathetic form of the saddest expressions of vice that destroys humanity for far too long. At the same time the local government invites other countries to the fight against smoking, engage in the greatest possible number. How shocking image campaign for good back fondly to you?

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