Should You Eat Raw Eggs?

You can eat raw eggs if they come from organically fed hens and you don’t remove the yolk from the eggs. If you are using only the egg whites, it may be a better idea to cook the egg lightly.

Eggs are called the perfect protein because they contain all the essential amino acids. Eggs can be usefully combined with other incomplete protein foods to make them nutritionally complete.

What is the best way to eat eggs? Many believe raw eggs are the best, provided certain precautions are followed. For example, one should not eat them if they smell bad or if they have developed a crack on the shell.

People who are conscious of the fat in the egg yolks remove them from the eggs and have only the egg whites . More protein is found in the albumin (egg white) compared to the yolk. But a glycoprotein called Avidin present in the egg whites binds with biotin – one of the B vitamins – found in the egg yolks. Avidin is found in the oviducts of many birds and is found in the white of their eggs. Biotin is need for bacterial growth, and Avidin binds with Biotin in a tight non-covalent bond to inhibit bacterial growth. So consuming eggs raw prevents the absorption of Biotin by the body.  When the egg is cooked, the cooking process deactivates the Avidin in the egg, allowing the Biotin to separate from the Avidin protein and be absorbed by the body.

People advise against consuming raw eggs because of the fear of salmonella bacterial contamination. Dr. Mercola’s website argues that the odds that this may happen is one out of every 30,000 eggs. And again, this risk is usually present only in commercial hens and not in cage-free, organically fed, chicken eggs. Else, it may be a better idea to cook them lightly.

If you are sure about the quality of the eggs and know that it comes from free-range, organically fed chickens, you should try having the whole egg – with the yolk. That way, even if the avidin deactivates the biotin in the egg whites, the biotin coming from the yolks should suffice.

If you’re healthy and your immune system is working just fine, an occasional salmonella infection should not cause greater discomfort than loose stools for a day or two, which can anyway be set right within a few hours with repeated use of high-quality probiotics (curds, yoghurt) containing friendly bacteria.

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  1. i find it hard to eat cooked eggs sometimes, so damned if i will be eating a raw one. good post.

  2. Eggs are very rich in B Vitamins Protein. Half boiled, hard boiled or poached- all are good for health. Eating raw egg is little difficult though. Anyway, it’s a very good health food.

  3. Excellent post, look forward to reading more,

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  5. Even though I like eggs I seldom eat them. There would be no reason for me to eat a raw egg. I guess my favorite way to eat an egg is “esay over” with the yoke broken. That is good eating.

  6. This is not recommended for fear of the present of organisms that may cause human’s intestine being infected with germs. I think this article is placed wrongly.

  7. I eat everything cooked well-done, including my eggs. No eggs sunny- side- up for me. Good post.

  8. A twist I wouldn’t have imagined. After all has been said, I still cant eat raw eggs.

  9. Heck, no.

  10. No way would I eat a raw egg.

  11. gud share

  12. I used to eat raw eggs. Today salmonella is too widespread to risk it. Two raw eggs, some tomato juice, and a shot of Tabasco was breakfast way back when.

  13. A very informative piece.

  14. Great article well researched excellent in every respect. LB

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  18. Very nice and informative writing. Thanks.

  19. I never knew this about egg whites!

  20. Aww, even a thoughts about eating raw egg are turning my inside upside down.
    Anything, but raw :D
    Thanks for a good article!


  21. We must watch out for commercial eggs that are already rotting. Sometime we open them and not notice how bad they already are. But fortunately, the smell can be a dead giveaway.

  22. A very informative post. I like the way you bring out these health issues to light. Thanks for the read.

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