Side Effects Excess Caffeine Consumption

Coffee’s like having the effect of morphine dependence. This is what makes people not be separated from the coffee.

Everything always has two sides, good and evil, benefit daen side effects. So is the case with coffee as a drink containing tea, coffee and other energy drinks. Some people with certain jobs are very dependent on the coffee. Most are night workers such as drivers, some with turn pakerjaan (hsift 24 hours), security guards, etc.. Coffee’s like having the effect of morphine dependence. The emergence of the spirit, loss of sleep, increased concentration of the benefits being presented in a cup of coffee.

While excessive use of coffee in the long term will result in not good for the body. In fact, caffeine itself is a substance that has a very large and powerful eefek in several body systems. Following are some of the other side of caffeine,

Changes in sleep patterns

Too much coffee cause you sleepless nights and insomnia. However, if you do not consume caffeine makes you drowsy and indeterminate sleep. Bleak hours of sleep can impair physical and mental health. This is due to the blockade of adenosine receptors. Side effects of coffee are addictive cause the opposite reaction when the body does not drink caffeine.

Frequent urination

Hot work environment that will make you easily dehydrated, especially with the consumption of coffee that makes the effect of diuresis (urine out much). As for the workers to the situation of moisture will make the frequency to the bathroom more often because of the effect of the diuresis.

Increase stomach acid and blood sugar

Caffeine increases the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin that frequent heartburn. Besides which, combined with cigarette consumption will weaken the esophageal valve to cause gastric acid regurgitated through the mouth. This stomach acid is heat in the chest area and often repetitive. If this is not addressed soon it will affect the onset of esophageal cancer.

Allegations of caffeine can increase blood sugar levels make people with diabetes and obesity should be more careful taking it.

Trigger anxiety

For you are anxious and difficult to control yourself when nervous, sebaikanya avoid caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the anxiety so that the expected increase in anxiety, insomnia, cold hands wet with sweat, and heart palpitations.

Cause bone

For those of you women who have passed menopause, be aware that caffeine is your main enemy. Scientific studies prove that caffeine is interesting mineral reserves of calcium from bones so susceptible to brittle.

In essence, God is always creating things fairly. Need to be thought wise to do all things well. Basically something that would have caused excessive adverse effects. Similarly, the caffeine. After knowing the other side of the drink containing the substance, may you be wise in taking

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