Six Drinks Make You Younger

In addition to water, drink coffee, tea, and milk also make you youth.

Not only vegetables and fruits that can work wonders for the skin to always stay young. Drinks do you consume daily, can also benefit skin.

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Not only water, beverages such as coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate is also able to prevent premature aging.

As quoted by page Shine, Saturday, July 28, 2012, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York, David E. Bank, MD revealed that drinking water is not only beneficial to dispel thirst. Water consumption on a regular basis is also able to moisturize and beautify skin.

“Maintaining hydration levels in the body by consuming lots of water can make your skin appear more shiny. Water is best taken when the alarm sounds, when I wake up, and before bed,” he said.

Want to know more about the benefits of other drinks that can make the skin youthful, consider the following:


Speaking of coffee, many people who still think that coffee is bad for health. Actually it’s not entirely true. Coffee consumed wisely provided that, in fact beneficial to health.

According to Harvard Women’s Health, the consumption of several cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease, liver damage (cirrhosis), heart disease and prevent cognitive decline in brain power. Enjoying a cup of coffee, would be better if done in time for breakfast.


Premature aging can be caused by free radicals. This triggers the arrival of free radicals into our bodies because of frequent smoking, radiation, sunlight, and pollution. Antioxidants are substances known as an enemy of aging. He likened the weapon to fight the enemy’s body that protects us from damage to cells and tissues.

Actually, our body has a natural antioxidant that stifle free radicals are known by the enzyme SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and glutathione. But unfortunately, as we get older, your body uses antioxidants from outside the body, which can be obtained through foods that contain vitamin E, vitamin C and beta carotene (precursor of Vitamin A).

In addition to these vitamins, other antioxidants proven to fight free radicals, namely poly phenols, which we can get from a cup of green tea. The study of 8,500 people in Japan have shown that long-term consumption of green tea can increase the age to 82 years in women and 76 years in men.


A cup of hot chocolate is not only enjoyable but also makes young. Because chocolate is a popular source of antioxidants are present, are flavonoids. Flavonoids are also found in tea and red wine.

Flavonoids serve as a protective skin to sunlight and inflammation. This substance also inhibits skin aging and can maintain heart health.


A study conducted by researchers from Harvard Medical School shows that red wine or red wine efficacious skin and muscles stay young. During this time, consuming red wine are believed potent cholesterol lowering and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. But it turns out that red wine has other properties, which makes the drinker to stay young.

A compound called on resveratrol (also found in red grapes) proved successful in stimulating the gene and makes the body’s cells last longer. Medical experts also concluded that the consumption of red wine on a regular basis can make the skin and muscles to look younger and fresher.


Milk, not just a good drink before you sleep. And, in addition to health reasons, milk is one source of beauty for women. Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, was one beautiful woman using milk as an ingredient her beauty . Greek women have also been known to use yogurt as a beauty.

Not surprisingly, various types of facial and body treatments offer the content of the milk to maintain youthful and natural beauty.

Milk can be used to treat burns because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Milk also contains vitamin A, D, E which is a vitamin that is needed to make the skin youthful.

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