Six Important Minerals for Our Body

We need these six minerals for our health.

Six Important Minerals for Our Body

I make this article short and easy to be remembered.
Below are six important minerals that have important benefits for body health:

1.  Calcium (Ca)
Calcium is needed to build and protect the bone and teeth. We need calcium everyday.
The sources of calcium are: milk, cheese, broccoli and green vegetables.
2.  Selenium (Se)
Selenium is needed to reduce the damage in cells. It prevents the aging process, needed for skin and hair health.
The sources of selenium are nut and fish.

3. Chromium (Cr)
Chromium is needed to control the blood sugar and it can help to fight arteriosclerosis.
The sources of chromium are black pepper, wheat bread, cow liver and cheese.

4. Magnesium (Mg)
Magnesium is needed in metabolism process, especially to absorb nutrient.  Supplement of magnesium together with vitamin B6 can reduce pre-menstruation syndrome.
The sources of magnesium are nut, shrimp, soya bean, wheat and green vegetables.

5. Iron (Fe)
Iron is needed to carry oxygen in the blood. Iron is urgent component for many enzymes in the body.
The sources of iron are liver, kidney, egg yolk and chocolate.

6. Zinc (Zn)
Zinc is needed to grow, fertility and immunity system. This mineral is needed during pregnancy. The sources of zinc are ginger, red meat, cow liver, egg yolk, nut, and low fat milk.

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  1. These are all esential mineral for our healthy growth. One should take note of it.

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  8. important to know, health is wealth.

  9. Really informative atricle, and we should eat food with the above 6 nutrients and this will help us stay healthy.

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  24. Quite a fast article and you could have been slightly more in depth in my opinion, I never heard of Selenium though, so I thank you.

    Also bananas posses calcium and magnesium, so that’s good food too.

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