Six Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

This article addresses what symptoms a man needs to look for that may signal his testosterone level is low.

As men pass through middle age, many of them experience several changes that can creep up until their quality of life has degraded to an unacceptable level. The problems are caused by lowering testosterone levels in their bloodstream. In men, testosterone has an influence on a number of critical areas that are important to their physical and mental health.

Low testosterone levels can cause depression.

If a man begins to notice that his mood is more often down than up, testosterone may be the problem. Because the body produces less and less testosterone over a number of years, he may not perceive this symptom until a tipping point is reached. Especially those who are extroverts will overcome the early changes because of their personality. Even these men may eventually reach the point where their outgoing personality cannot compensate for the depressed moods.

Another symptom is a lack of ability to keep mental focus.

Lowering testosterone levels will begin to affect concentration. This will be more pronounced in men who have employment that requires mental acuity or high levels of creativity. Processing sequential thoughts gets very difficult. The problem may be fueled further by a sense of apathy. It may also manifest as a real lack of motivation to do mental tasks.

Fatigue may become chronic when testosterone levels dip low enough.

Not only will apathy force its way to the surface, but lethargy will also accompany it. It is a feeling that you simply do not have the energy to do physical work. The work does not have to be taxing. It can be as simple as walking across a room. Fatigue will hit the legs until it is a major chore to just stand up. People will accuse you of being lazy. The reality of it is that even you may not understand why your body no longer wants to cooperate in doing those things that you have always done effortlessly.

Dropping testosterone levels can cause pain.

Men with low testosterone will experience joint and back pain. It will manifest itself as arthritis like symptoms. The pain can become excruciating in the lower back, hips, and knees. It can even show up as additional foot pain. Raising the arms above the head can be extremely difficult both from pain and fatigue.

Although many people expect low testosterone to show up in sexual performance, this may be the last place it appears.

A man without problems in this area will usually continue to perform adequately with only minor variations. Interest in sex will not decrease measurably for many men. The ability to get and maintain an erection will only show a minor change until levels become exceptionally low. If a man is looking for this symptom to verify low testosterone levels, he will endure a lot of misery before it appears.

A simple blood test can verify testosterone levels.

Although it is not difficult to find out if testosterone levels are dropping in a man, many doctors do not test for this unless prompted by a man who requests it. Painkillers may be given for the arthritis type symptoms. Mood altering drugs will be prescribed for the depression. Other measures may be recommended to alleviate the fatigue. Because the sexual symptoms manifest so late in the cycle, frequently doctors do not think to test for testosterone deficiency.

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