Six Ways to Give Yourself a Burst of Energy During The Day

Here are six great ways to give yourself a burst of energy during the day.

Take a nap

Take 10 minutes out to have a short nap, but no longer as you will fall into a deep sleep. But you will wake up revitalised.

Have a rock out loud session

Whether you work alone or in a room with coworkers, a quick one-song rock out loud session is an effective way to beat back exhaustion.

Laugh out loud.

Laughter is great medicine for exhaustion.  Seek out funny people or subscribe to a daily email joke or You Tube video

Drink some Ginseng

Ginseng has great energy boosting properties. A ginseng supplement or sipping tea with ginseng can help improve energy.

Indulge in an afternoon power snack.

A small afternoon snack like mixed nuts, granola bar, nonfat yogurt, or frozen berry smoothie is a healthy way of giving you an energy boost in the afternoon.

Indulge in a piece of chocolate

By having a piece of chocolate or candy, you get an endorphin buzz and energy boost. Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate.

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