Smarter Women in The Fertile Period

Are you aware that during menstruation increases the ability to think?

The study, led by Belinda Pletzer of the University of Salzburg Austria declared, brain size increases during the fertile women. Brain volume increased by two per cent higher during menstrual cycle.

The study analyzed the brain scan during her monthly cycle. In women not taking oral contraceptives, there is an increase in gray matter volume in the area and fusiform gyri Parahippocampalis right. Parts of the brain involved in spatial location and face recognition.

“The increase in brain volume boost a woman’s ability to recognize faces, bodies, and the landscape,” he said as quoted by Idiva Pletzer. In fact, when entering the time of ovulation women are able to find high-quality partner.

The results of this study were published in the journal Brain Research further reveals that this ability is only short term following the ovulation cycle. Because after ovulation, progesterone levels cause the volume of gray in the left brain to shrink back.

Meanwhile, the contraceptive pill affects the hippocampus is larger and smaller brains. Magnification of the hippocampus associated with memory and movement, as compared to control brain function. “The pill is likely to cause women to have the typical behavior such as excessive superior language skills and memory.”

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