“Smartphones” Affect Currency Focus

Internet presence is easily accessible via a smartphone or tablet PC not only changed the way we get information, but also affect the eye focus to see objects.

Compared with the reading of print media, we tend to read the text on the screen smartphone with a closer. In fact, the habit effect on the ability of the eye accommodation, namely focusing mechanism of the eye lens system to increase the sharpness of vision. 

In a study of 129 people smartphone users, the researchers observed how the participants read the texts in both the short message format as well as internet pages.The participants continue to use glasses or contact lenses that they wear everyday. 

The researchers also evaluated the size of the text in the communications tool to determine the working distance of the eye the most fitting, ie at a distance of how participants were holding their phones to read text comfortably. 

Evaluation results show, working distance varies depending much closer eye they looked at the phone. Apparently, working distance eye when viewing text on-screen smartphones shorter. To read text messages, working distance of the eye about 36 centimeters, while a reading distance of 32 cm a web page. Meanwhile, when reading the newspaper, working distance used is 40 cm. 

Staring at the screen smartphones and other gadgets too close will increase the accommodation of the eye. The distance is too close also makes the eyes work harder to adjust the focal point. Eventually this will trigger the eyes feel hot, tired, even a headache.

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