Smells That Make Us Happy

We must not underestimate the power of our nose. It could actually make us happy by what we smell. Read on to find out more about the smells that make us happy.

Smells that Make Us Happy

            It seems certain aromas have the power to stir up strong emotions and even change our mood. A new study of 4000 people in the UK looked at the scents that appeals to us most. (Seen below).

            According to Dr. Pamela Dalton, the link between smell and memory is very strong. “Smell has the power to revive the past and transport us to a happy time or place, or remind us of a special person, evoking feelings of nostalgia and comfort.”

            Here are the top smells that make us happy:

1.    Freshly baked bread

2.    Clean sheets

3.    Freshly mown grass

4.    Fresh flowers

5.    Freshly ground coffee

6.    Fresh air after rainfall

7.    Vanilla

8.    Chocolate

So tell me, do you have something in the list or not mentioned that makes you happy when you smell its scent or aroma? I’m looking forward to your kind responses. J

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  1. Nicely illustrated.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm.. Nice Post Alyssa.. I am back Alyssa.. Thanks for securing me from scam sit.. Happy writing

  3. yea.. those all are nice things to smell

  4. Great one I do like a lot of them

  5. Thats true. Wll written. liked it.

  6. Good Job. I like nearly all of those smells especially vanilla.

  7. These all are fragrances we all love to smell…

  8. I love the smell of all these items. In addition, the smell of my favourite dish.

  9. thanks to you all. just by looking at the chocolate makes me crave for it. loL! ;)

  10. the pictures are so refreshing and the smells too

  11. You should always trust your nose…:)
    Great obsevrations and pics. Just by looking at the photos,I swear I could smell them.:)

  12. They are wonderful smells alright! The pictures make me crave for these items.

  13. I like the smell of clean sheets that have just come off the clothes line from outside. I love the smell of coffee, tough i don’t drink much of it, and i love the smell of the out doors. One more to add to the list – the smell of the ocean!

  14. Oh, I like the scents of fresh flower, fresh air and chocolate. They make me happy.

  15. great comments everyone. liked this smells too!!

  16. Interesting article, I love the fresh air after the rainfall, and chocolate.

  17. Ok this is gud, i like cofee the most

  18. jasmine

  19. ok thanks!

  20. Gardina coming through the open door.

  21. I agree to all that you wrote! I love the smell of freshly baked breads and coffee! Very true!

  22. All true and I’ll add a few: bay-leaf tea, cinnamon and the scent of clean dirt after days of rain

  23. I also love the smell of the ocean at night. For some reason it holds a different scent at a different time of day.

  24. I love the smell the coffee, but can not drink it I find it tastes so bad. Good article and topic!

  25. Nice share. Love the smell of wet earth when it drizzles.

  26. having all of these fragrant smells in one place would be a dream…. oh yeah….

  27. educational

  28. I have to agree with you on your list! And yes, I like how my lip gloss smells! :)

  29. Fresh air in the meadow.. I have not scented that in years D:
    I LOVE the smell of a bakery though, it makes my mouth water…
    *goes to get bread*

  30. Wonderful list ! Great Job :)

  31. very true. mine is the smell of pasta

  32. Yep smells do make me happy, especially the smell of food I love. I would say the smell of fried chicken makes me happy :) Ok now I’m hungry!!

  33. n choc truely does make one the fragrance of earth+rain thing :)

  34. Good article. Linked.

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