Smile and The World Smiles with You

We should smile more – it would make the world a better place. But if you’ve lost confidence in your smile because your teeth aren’t as perfect as they could be, what are the options? We discuss a few of them here.

Smiles are special.  From your baby’s first smile to her toothy 8-year-old grin, from your lover’s smile after a long day to a stranger’s smile when you feel down.  Smiles are great.

Remember the power of each of those smiles and how they made you feel – better every single time.

The smile is an appeasement gesture and signals friendship and non-threat, so it’s one of the most important bonding signals we have.

A smile is something that costs us nothing but makes us richer and enriches the people we smile at.  Why then, don’t we do more of it?

Children smile easily – just pull a funny face or tickle them and you’ll get big grins and giggles.  But as adults we rush about from one job to the next place and forget to smile.  Perhaps we’re scared that people will think we’re nuts if we smile at them.

We teach our children to say please and thank you so we should also teach them about good tooth care, so that they can smile with confidence too.

Dentists recommend:

  1. Brush regularly with a quality fluoride toothpaste.  Do this for 2 minutes twice a day.
  2. Avoid drinking too much fizzy soda or fruit juice.  These contain high levels of acid and sugar that attack and weaken the tooth enamel.  Use a drinking straw as this will squirt the drink to the back of the mouth so that it doesn’t coat the teeth.
  3. See the dentist as often as is recommended for you.  Everyone has different oral care needs so follow expert advice.
  4. Dentists know they have a limited number of raving fans!  No one really likes going for a check up.  But a good dentist will always be looking for ways to make your experience less painful and less stressful.  Friends and family will be able to recommend a good dentist.
  5. Good dental care starts right from the beginning of life – even from a pregnant mother’s diet.  This will mean a happy, confident smile for life.

Genetics and environment play as much a part with our dental health as they do with all other aspects of our general health, so if you have weaker teeth/gums, or if an accident leaves your smile crooked, cosmetic dentistry can help.

  • Whitening or stain-reducing procedures will reduce or take away coffee, red wine and nicotine marks – but you’ll need to avoid them in order to prevent them coming back.  Tetracycline antibiotic can cause serious staining but some procedures can reduce this significantly.
  • The gaps left by missing teeth can be filled by bridges or crowns; uneven teeth can be fixed with caps, filing or invisible braces such as Invisalign.
  • Even train-track braces are more acceptable even for adults, thanks to the hit US comedy Ugly Betty.  Which just goes to show that it’s never too late.

Your smile is your best and most natural asset.  It can win friends, business deals and make you happier and spread joy where ever you are.  Good dental care is an investment we should all make.

After all, of all thing things we put on in the morning, our expressions are the most important.

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  1. indeed smile is contagious.. and really is our best asset!

  2. This is all great advice to keep smiles healthy and happy – and it really is true that the world smiles with you… They’re contagious! Thanks for the tips on keeping those grins bright and beautiful.

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