Smoking Ban

Personal reflection upon the smoking ban that is sweeping across the nation. There are positive influences for banning smokers on smoking indoors.

It is true that the smoking ban is sweeping across this nation. However, there have been laws about smoking known for years. First, it began to include that only certain locations indoors could or could not contain smokers. To further the ban itself, other locations had prohibited smoking indoors. First, it started from inside buildings to being declared as illegal by 35 state governments. Many of the reasons for it would include health reasons for non-smokers. Non-smokers could still get smoking diseases (emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer) from second-hand smoke. In most cases, the indoor ban has helped decrease health risks for those not directly affected by smoking.

The indoor ban is a good idea to reduce health risks among non-smokers. Indoor smoking does create a thicker environment and problems for those who may not smoke. For restaurants, they do not have to worry about the smell of smoke and the mix of incredibly tasting food. For those who may not smoke, they now appreciate going to certain food establishments to enjoy their food. They are not turned off anymore to a smoke filled room that may be enjoyed dining with their children. In fact, because there has been a decrease of indoor smoking, it has been a positive for a higher turnover in restaurants because there is less leisure time.

The downside of not allowing indoor smoking is that it could be infringing the rights upon smokers. However, as much as establishments or buildings not allow smokers to smoke indoors, they have to go outside. Does this really affect smokers to not smoke anymore? The winters do get cold and there are smokers who need their nicotine fix, but would rather not be smoking in harsh weather. For those who do smoke, they chose to smoke, and they may not enjoy being told where they cannot smoke. In addition, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find locations where they can find places to smoke. Many places also say that you may not smoke in certain places outdoors.

Personally, the tobacco ban has been a benefit. It has helped me go into places that does not affect on the food that I eat. It does help increase the mood of everyone who goes into places that do not have smoking. People have a higher morale when going into locations that do not have smoking anymore. However, in the past two years, I have now begun to distinguish certain tobacco smells and enjoy certain ones. It does make it difficult to distinguish and possibly understand the different aromas that are not easily found.

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