Smoking is Injurious to Health

Smoking Is Injurious to Health.

How many times is it emphasised that smoking is injurious to health.Every pack of cigarettes says smokers die younger.There is a truth behind this phrase written on every pack of cigarette.Every human being values health but he doesn’t really know about some facts.Since all the smokers are addicted to it, they seem to neglect the fact that health is important.

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Smokers are harming their health as well as those associated with them.The high health risk of smokers is not just limited to their health but also  their family members around whom they smoke.Due to mounting facts of health risk associated with smoking because of the nicotine present in the cigarette,even the cigarette packs have a warning on them.Smoking habits are a main cause of distorting the eating habits and on the top of everything the smoke has a high health risk and a high chance of facing lung and mouth cancer.To maintain a health of a smoker it is important that he or she should not be told not to smoke.Besides that to live a healthy life again they should be following some tips to leave smoking.

If a family is supportive and knows how to let the smoker avoid smoking it will be the best way to give a way to the smoker for a healthy life.Apart from that one of the healthy tips to avoid smoking without gaining weight,is to have small sips of water rather then eating anything when you feel uncomfortable.

Eat carrot or celery sticks or other low calorie foods.Exercise regularly,this will help take your mind off smoking and keep you healthier.

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  1. I hate seeing pregnant mothers smoking since it can damage the baby. Passive smoking is not fair so I don’t like people smoking near non-smorers either.

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