Smoking is The New Terrorism!

Many smoke for self satisfaction, while many dumb people do it for pleasing their peers and to be in the groups. Whatever be the reason for acquiring the alien habit, the smokers must realize that they are a pain in the neck to the societies that they live.

Killing Self: Suicidal Mission:

The person who picks up the butt of the cigarette, cigar or the bidi (rolled tobacco in Indian version) know very well that it is not bad habit, since they would hide themselves from their known people while they start, which is then brought to the notice of their kith and kin and then they smoke openly. They fill their own lungs with the nicotine and dozens of carcinogens as well as tarry layers. Carcinogen is not another nutritional component and it is the chemicals that can create cancer. Right from the lips that kiss the butts to the lungs and livers that consume the smoke would be affected and this has been proven regularly with many thoroughly researched medical papers.

Killing Family: Pain to Kin:

Even thought there may be some four or five members in the family, there would be one or two breadwinners who would bring in the income to run their families and if they are smokers, they tend to kill themselves as well as their kin. Firstly, they directly affect the family by smoking in their homes and cars making the residences and transport as poisonous gas chambers, which are as good as the ever-dreaded concentration camps of Nazis. Secondly, they indirectly damage the family by continuing their antisocial habit and move towards death quickly, so as to leave their families as orphans, should they be the only breadwinner for their dear ones.

Killing Others: Murderers:

While the major damage is done to the physical condition of the smoker, the chemicals released into the air also kill the non-smokers in the long run, who suffer more from the smoke that is inhaled and tampers the body organs and systems. There cannot be a worst situation of a pure non-smoker dying of cancer that comes to only the smokers. So, the smokers can be charged for various crimes like ‘attempt-to-suicide’, ‘attempt-to-murder’ others, as well as ‘murder’; and everyone would know the degree of punishment in different nations.

Killing Society: Anti-Environmentalist Polluters:

Just like the high flying eagle that must come to land in order to find its food, however highly evolved the humans may brag about, they still have to receive all their inputs from their environment. When the environment is polluted and is not providing the necessary resources to cater to their demands, then the species will surely become extinct. So, the smokers tend to add to the pain of the air pollution by sending out the poisonous fumes, which add to the global warming and other damaging factors that would end the earth’s capability to sustain life.

Killing Many: Terrorists:

A terrorist is the person who creates terror in the minds of others by spreading panic and indulging in activities that would kill people in huge groups. The smoker is like a suicide bomber, who would not just kill themselves, but also massacre others including their own children and spouse and family members. They are so cruel at heart that even after realizing the kind of damage they can cause, they still stick to their habit. In this sense of the word, it can be declared that anybody who smokes is a terrorist and can even be banned from being on the planet earth, until and unless they give up smoking. Move them to the moon or mars and save the planet and all the living and nonliving creatures from them.

How many ever cases of cancer point directly to smoking, neither the governments would prevent companies from manufacturing tobacco products, nor will the users stop from buying them with their hard earned monies and smoking the butts. It is best for the users to avoid the smokers’ company to ensure that they are not in the suicidal path of these murderers.

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  1. definitely cruel not to think of others

  2. good advice

  3. I agree with you

  4. Thanks Friends!

  5. Smoking is the worst thing we can do to our health and everyone’s around us. It’s a stupid dirty habit.

  6. I totally agree with you Ruby, thanks for commenting

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