Snack (Soy Milk)

Choose healthy snacks and tasty.

Admittedly, an unbalanced lifestyle is very difficult to avoid. Time-consuming work life that sometimes make us come home late at night. Eating patterns become irregular, and we often take potluck without regard to the nutritional balance in the body needs.

Irregular eating patterns affect body weight. so that body weight can be maintained, you should pay attention to food intake in food consumption and on time. There are also some things that trigger a “yo-yo diet”, a term that often fail to diet because the body weight back up.

content of milk
Physically fit and healthy to be a mandatory thing in his defense so that we can run the daily activities of the key, the intake of nutrients that enter the body’s need is balance. one way to do is to choose foods that are good for health. Where as if halted from ice cream to choose one as a daily snack?

Generally, ice cream using dairy ingredients are loaded with calcium. For the body, milk gives a positive contribution. For children, for example, the calcium needed for bone growth, while the fat content of milk is a source of energy to support activity. Milk for adults also provide similar benefits.

Milk gives dn savory taste delicious on ice cream delicious although some people, especially the women would often avoid the ice cream. why, fearing it to be obese. They are trying to avoid fat in the milk in order to maintain body weight. However this will not someday become a scourge again.

One type of milk suitable for consumption is soy-based milk is nutrient and mineral fibers. Nutrients can improve the body’s metabolism and helps reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, the nutrients in soy milk reduces blood sugar levels to prevent the accumulation of fat. As a result of soy milk, perfect for those of you who want to reduce body weight.

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