Sobe to Boost Your Energy and Health

Improve your energy levels, health, and satisfy your in between meal cravings because your health is your greatest, most invaluable asset. It affects every aspect of your life and because of this it is, and needs to always be your number one priority.

One of my favorite philosophies is: if you can’t take care of yourself, there’s no way you can take care of another person.  Thus, taking care of yourself first is actually, by far the most generous thing you can do for yourself and others.  The better you feel the more quality care, attention and love you can then turn around and offer the world. 

I’m always open to finding new healthy options I can add to my life, especially things that can give me sustaining energy boosts and long lasting nutritional benefits.  About 10 months ago I wrote Borba: It’s How the Celebrities Stay Beautiful from the Inside Out.  Borba is a wonderful drink I discovered on a trip to Bristol Farms, a nice, healthy food market in Southern California.  And, about 6 months ago I discovered another wonderful drink.

The SoBe Lean drink line was a wonderful surprise!  

When I checked the label I was pleased to discover it only contains about 25 calories per 20 fl oz.  In addition to that, the flavor is quite pleasing.  Not too sweet, but just enough flavor. 

My first pick is typically the Lean Green Tea, but I have tried several of the other flavors and have been pleased by every one that I’ve had.  Be careful though, if you’re watching your weight you don’t want to pick up the non-lean line by accident.  Those are packed with calories.  I made that mistake once since the labels look very similar.

SoBe Lean drinks contain 100% Vitamin C, %35 Chromium.  Chromium is important in maintaining normal blood glucose as well as lipid and protein metabolism.  It also offers you the herbs: citrimax, ginseng and guarana.  Citrimax is an all natural plant extract from fruits found in southern India and is known for being an appetite suppressor.  

Ginseng is a plant found in Asian forests.  In the Orient, it is known as the “King of Herbs”.  It works to reduce cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure, and it helps to fight the negative effects of toxic chemicals.  It has also been believed to help improve hearing and vision. 

Lastly, Guarana is an herbal supplement that contains high levels of caffeine and is often used as an appetite suppressant and a stimulant.  Please take care and use it at your own discretion because I recently discovered that guarana has not yet been evaluated by the FDA. 

Lastly, while SoBe can be a bit pricy at times, varying on average between $1.50-2.50 per bottle, when you get lucky you can find it on sale for only $1.  In addition, I just recently discovered that you can also find this special beverage line in cans as well. 

If you drink this tasty beverage already, have never heard of it, or have considered trying it, hopefully this article will help you make the best decision going forward.

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  1. A great review. I can’t say I have ever heard of it. It sounds like a healthy drink. I wonder if you can get it in England.


  2. Sounds like a good idea – there are lots of things I know I should do to boost my energy – the trouble is as you get tired your resolve seems to lessen.

  3. Don’t think we can get it here? I could do with a boost today!!

  4. Gotta love that Sobe! Here in the middle part of Missouri, there is a company that markets a yummy drink called “perfectly protein”. It and Sobe are my summertime favorites.

  5. This SoBe drinks is new to be. hope it is available in our local groceries.

  6. Great article! I have heard of it so often, I will have to try it! Thanks!

  7. Not heard of it before, will look out for it.

  8. I just can’t get into these kind of drinks. They never taste right to me. I like water.

  9. I’d rather have vitamin enhanced water then regular water.

  10. That’s a great review and I’m glad you liked SoBe. Although I admit that for me, personally, it’s not just the price that’s off-putting but the taste as well. Still, judging by how well they’re doing my taste buds must be in the minority!



  11. Hmmmmm, did you major in marketing?
    Interesting piece.

  12. Nice piece. Very healthy :)

  13. Terrific article/review!
    SoBe is a great drink.
    I used to just drink the
    regular SoBe’s but will have to switch
    The green tea, is great however.
    Love green tea to begin with
    Great article!

  14. thx for this informative look at SoBe.

  15. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds delightful.

    My best to you,
    Momma Tells

  16. Excellent article. Nice to read this.

  17. Thanks for the review. I wonder whether it is available in my country too.

  18. Yeah this stuff is good, i like the blackberry currant. Sold here in Kansas for $1.69 I also wish they had more flavors….

  19. great pics

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