Some Serious Symptoms Associated with Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms must be treated in an earlier stage, so that there is a higher possibility of complete recovery.

Some Serious Symptoms associated with Alcohol Withdrawal

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A person who consumes alcohol regularly will have withdrawal symptoms, if he suddenly stops alcohol consumption.  Some of the withdrawal symptoms are:

a)      Thirst

b)      Hallucination (delusion)

c)      Rum fits

d)      Delirium tremens

e)      Vomiting

f)       Body ache

g)      Loss of appetite

h)      Shivering of hands

These symptoms must be treated in an earlier stage, so that there is a higher possibility of complete recovery.

Rum Fits: Rum fits is a condition that happens to an alcohol addict, who is not able to acquire alcohol supply for a period of 24-72 hours. The activity of brain stops suddenly when the regular alcohol supply is stopped. Giddiness can occur for no reason.

Hallucination (delusion): Increased alcohol intake can make the person hallucinated as if somebody is talking to them. He or she may see or feel many things that actually doesn’t exist. The person may feel somebody attacking them. At times the individual may also feel that someone has mixed poison in his/her food.

Delirium tremens: A serious condition or symptom of alcohol withdrawal is delirium tremens. About 20% of alcohol addicts die if they reach this stage. Fear of someone attacking is the main reason for death in such cases. The individual may feel a pseudo-attack even in the toilet.

In some cases, the patients may feel worms and other creatures wriggling over their body. This may provoke them to hit themselves hardly and ram against walls, causing death.

Alcoholism is a danger to society and the individual. Alcohol withdrawal is very appreciable, but should be done with precaution and in consultation with a qualified person.

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  1. how about the dangerous of Marijuana and its \”influenza\” cousins that killed millions in the last hundred years?

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  5. This is important to know about, withdrawal should be done in phases, as I see.The second picture is impressive.

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  7. Very truly said doc. Withdrawing what the body is very much used to, should be done gradually, as any change is resisted. Excellent writeup :)

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  13. You should add anger to the list, they sometime get so angry that it is unbelievable.
    This was something very close to home for me. I lost someone who was very dear to me to it and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.
    It would be a good idea to put the effects of alcohol on a person apart from death. Don’t think many know about that…. Right from health effects to physical effects…
    Thank you for sharing this and spreading the awareness, it was a painful read for me as it brought back memories although its nearly six years.

  14. Excellent post I did for a while rely on alcohol years ago and it is frightening experience not to laughed at. Brilliant post. LB


  16. Never like alcohol. It’s horribly bitter. Besides, I don’t need it to hallucinate. An informative entry, mate. :)

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    Now I know why so difficult to give up on alcohol totally for some people.

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  36. alcoholism destroys lives.

  37. I recall a slight man who actually was restrained to his mattress and was able to get out of bed with the mattress on his back and walk down a hospital hallway during his DT time. Good article.thank you

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  44. Being drunk has serious enough repercussions. No pun intended – the is truly “sobering”information.

  45. Hi, i’m a 21 year old I just left detox let’s say around and a hour and a half ago i was only on day three I was emitted into a medical one instead of a normal one now i’m scared on what to do. they said it was serious but all i know is that i’m not gunna be drinking anymore!

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