Sperm Taste. Women Love The Taste of Sperm?

The real taste of a man’s sperm. Do women really love tasting or swallowing sperm? What men can do to make their sperm taste sweeter and smell good.

Semen or a man’s sperm taste is significantly affected by what he eats – just like a man’s sweat can smell strongly after eating certain spicy foods. Therefore it goes without saying that the taste and smell of your sperm is dependant on what type of food you eat. Studies have shown that most women actually do not like the taste and smell of semen. Semen has a slightly acidic and salty taste, which many women find extremely unbearable to taste or ingest. But experts say there are things a man can do to improve the taste and smell of his semen.   Making your sperm taste sweeter Experts have said that in order to have sweet tasting semen, one can do the following: 1.      Take in lots and lots of water as this will help in flushing out toxins from the body 2.      Consume lots of vegetables, which has proven to be very instrumental in improving the taste of your sperm 3.      Cut out alcohol consumption and recreational drugs, for they are pollutants 4.      Reduce or totally cut down on your consumption of red meat as it is one of the biggest contributors in making your sperm salty. 5.      Reduce your intake of dairy products such as cheese and milk as they also contribute in making sperm taste salty. 6.      Avoid consuming spicy foods such as garlic. 7.      Stay away from junk food, for they are loaded with preservatives that end up polluting your body and making your sperm taste bad.

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  1. wow spermtacular interesting to say the least.

  2. I am a girl and I recently turned 16. I have lately really gotten into the taste and smell of guys semen. Some guys have thick semen and some guys have clearer more liquidy semen. I love it all but prefer an ejaculation that is very thick. The taste is stronger and so is the smell. Is it bad for me to give a lot of guys oral sex just to eat and swallow their semen?

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