Squirting: The Real Facts

So afar as the nature and source of squirting or gushing is concerned, there are divergent opinions among health professionals.

What is squirting really?  This is a confusion that prevails among most people around the world.   Squirting is a female ejaculation and there is wide variation in the nature of this ejaculation.  Generally squirting occurs during or before an orgasm.  Some people think it is some form of urine while some others have different views.  Some are even apprehensive whether it is harmful in sex.  

So afar as the nature and source of squirting or gushing is concerned, there are divergent opinions among health professionals.   But there are some unanimous findings about some aspects of squirting.

In a widely read and reported medical study it is stated: “female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, and it has the most fresh and uplifting smell with no taste. Female ejaculation also contains a good dose of glucose (sugar), with tiny amount of urea and creatin.”

Further, an internationally read medical publication says: “urine does not seep into female ejaculate any more often than it seeps into male ejaculate, which some men experience rather often. This aspect is same for women.”

The major controversy over squirting relates to the source of the ejaculate.  And the study and discussions are continuing.  However, the studies conducted among various regions and groups around the world, it is said that around 30% to 50% of women experience this kind of ejaculation during or before an orgasm. (Wikipedia: Female Ejaculation)


The quantum of the ejaculate widely varies from person to person.  In some women the quantum is as little as it is almost imperceptible to the women.  At the same time in some women the amount is comparatively high.  


Further, it is reported that squirting is not harmful to health in oral health and otherwise in normal circumstances.  However, there may be risk in some other situations.  As part of the studies conducted by health professionals, an approximate number of 30% to 50% of women said that at some time they experienced some sort of an ejaculation which may be called a squirting.   For most it is not a regular occurrence. 


Though the reports from studies differ in the percentage of women have the experience squirting, all the studies point to the existence of this ejaculation in a good percentage of women. 


In another study, between 10% and 70% of women has admitted that they have experienced squirting at some time or other in their life.  Another report says that 60% of women have said that they have some sort of a discharge which may be squirting.


Generally, the quantum of the discharged fluid varied considerably.  In some cases it was as little as 1 to 2 ml.  In some other cases it was not at all perceptible to the woman.  Still, in some cases the amounts were much higher.  (Block, Susan (26/27 February 2005). “All About Female Ejaculation”. Counterpunch. Retrieved 4 February 2010. )

What is squirting really?  That is, what does squirting constitute?  It is reported form various studies that squirting is not urine.   Laboratory analysis conducted at various places show that it does not contain anything harmful.  Hence it may not be harmful in oral sex and other cases. It contains various substances such as prostatic acid, prostate specific antigen, phosphaste, ures, creatinine, glucose, fructose, etc.  (Davidson JK, Darling CA, Conway-Welch, C (Summer 1989). “The role of the Grafenberg Spot and female gushing in the female orgasmic response: an empirical analysis”. J Sex Marital Ther 15 (2): 102–20. )

In many studies this female ejaculate which is popularly called squirting was tested using ultrasound, endoscopic and biochemical analysis.  The analysis result was compared with those of pre-orgasmic urine of women and male ejaculate.  In the analysis it was found that PAS levels were equal to those in males.  In the study and analysis higher levels of glucose, PSP and PAP were found.  In all the studies, creatinine level was found to be lower.   (Note: If you find this information useful, please COMMENT on it below.)   

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  1. i disagree completely with the percentage rates posted, however I( wish they were that high. it is very rare, and first occurs when women are middle aged due to gland (that would of been their prostate if the y sperm hit their egg instead of the x sperm when they were conceived) moves and expands in only a small percentage of women. at a certain point, if it enlarges and is in close proximity to the g spot and/or clit, they will have continued ejaculations for the vast duration of their sex lives. if women are in doubt if they are a squirter, they wish they were but arent.don’t believe that most women can be trained through a bs online course from a fake sex therapist or develop this habit through certain techniques is at all valid.

    your truly-from a happy squirter who sincerely desires that the medical world would get off their asses and really study this wonderful yet very rare sexual occurance at great length. those who are squirters want real answers, not porn links or fake online sex training courses on how to become a squirter. when your pussy gets wet during intercourse in NOT the same thing, and if it ever happens to you, you will be a middle aged woman who is shocked shitless when it does first happen.

  2. Hi there, i just had to comment on this link. I am 31 years of age and have just discovered that i can ’squirt’ and i love it!! So does my partner, lol! My boyfriend discovered squirting on on-line porn and he really wanted me to see if i could do. Well after a few fun nights of tftrying, low and behold i squirted and squirted and then squirted some more. I can control when i do it, and how much comes out. He said it taste really sweet and there isn’t a smell to it. It’s just a clear fluid. I now have to makesure i have a glass of water handy just incase i dehydrate as i can squirt out quite a copius amount, lol….never felt a feeling like it!!

  3. I am 45 years old and started to squirt a couple of months ago. It just happened during oral w my husband one day. I now squirt so much that even a towel in the bed doesnt mop it all up. I can guarantee that this liquid is not pee, it doesnt smell or look like it at all. I do get very dehydrated after so I need to drink a lot of water after sex but its worth it!!

  4. We have been experiencing since last two years with great fun….its certainly
    not pee as its so fresh and clear liquid with no smell… and in so much amount
    it almost feels like a shower…..

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