Stay Fit With Lemons

Ever thought of how useful lemons can be?

Lemons not only have high nutritional values, but they can also help you stay fit!

The nutritive values of lemon per 100 gm are:

  • Vitamin B: Thiamine 0.04 mg.;.
  • Vitamin C: 50 mg
  • Calcium: 40 mg
  • Phosphorus: 22 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 8.7 gm.
  • Protein: 0.9 gm.
  • Calories: 32

The other, health benefits, of lemon are:


Lemon juice contains citric acid that acts as a great antiseptic when directly applied on wounds.


In case of skin problems, apply lemon juice directly to the skin and allowed to dry, especially in cases of acne and eczema. Then remove the juice with some olive oil, and cleanse with water. The juice is also good for the removal of blackheads, freckles and wrinkles.


Take some lemon juice and mix it well in some warm water (NOTE: It won’t dissolve in plain water, you need warm water). Then use this mixture for aromatherapy (an aromatherapy stand, which is available in most general stores, is required for this) before sleep every night and it will help reduce stress greatly.


The digestive qualities of lemon juice greatly relieve indigestion disorders such as heartburn, bloating and belching. By drinking lemon juice regularly, the bowels are helped in their clearing, thus preventing constipation and diarrhea.


Scurvy is a deficiency disease, caused due to lack of Vitamin C, which lemon juice has in abundance. So applying lemon juice directly on scurvy affected areas in the gum helps reduce the problem.


Lemon juice has long been used to reduce kidney and intestinal disorders as it helps in flushing out toxic wastes from the body, and also, it kills intestinal worms!


Consume a tea-spoon of lemon juice in a cup of warm water everyday and it will act as an excellent purifier for the liver.


Consumption of a tea-spoon of lemon juice daily reduces blood pressure and also strengthens capillaries, using Vitamin C. It also acts as an excellent sedative for nerves and relieves palpitation.


The limonoid phytochemicals present in lemons help reduce the risk of cancer, if lemon juice is consumed daily.


Lemon juice is a powerful anti-oxidant as it contains Vitamin C. It helps raise HDL cholesterol (the required one) and prevents the bad LDL cholesterol from getting oxidized, which in turn stops plaque (that which clogs the arteries) formation.

So have lemons everyday, and….well…. you CAN keep the doctor away!

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  1. Hey, cool cartoon pic! And great facts too!

  2. I put lemon juice in bottled water before drinking it. It’s refreshing in summer and as you pointed out, is good for your health.
    Good article.

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments

  4. Hi again, please rate the article too

  5. Keep the faith. It’s hard until you make the front page where your name is constantly displayed. It will happen.

  6. I have eaten lemons with salt since I was a little kid and I have to say I have had good health but didn’t know lemons were so good for you. The dentist cringes when I tell them that I eat lemons like most people eat oranges. I still have good teeth and the lemon juice hasn’t made my teeth fall out !!!

  7. my husband eats lemons like they are going out of style.
    he loves them . the doc said to eat as many as you want
    and he does. so thanks for the info.

  8. keep up the good article, thanks guys!

  9. well can anyone tell if lemons are bad for you if you eat to many in a day ..i eat like 4 to 5 lemons everyday ,everyone has told me i would develope stomach problems from the acid and also i was told that lemons are bad for you teeth..i love eating lemons it’s i can live with them and i have to have them everyday..hope someone can answer my questions..

  10. I eat lemons almost everyday. I peel and slice them and sprinkle with salt. I never ate lemons until I was pregnant with my oldest son 21 years ago. I craved them something terrible while pregnant. The doc knows I eat them and has never said to stop. The dentist knows and tells me to be careful because of the high acid it could harm to my enamel on my teeth. No probelms yet. So hopefully all of those years of eating lemons and all of the future years of eating them….I will reap the health benefits… for the pucker up factor…I never pucker up from a lemons, they are real refreshing to me.

  11. if we start our day by drinking lemon juice say .. 4spoon of juice
    early in the morning is it good for dieting and reducing fats …..

  12. haha yeah i recently got addicted to lemons with salt… i dunno why i think they’re so good, people think im weird =P

    my teeth do feel a little funky right after, and people keep saying OMG THEY’RE SO BAD FOR YOUR TEETH AND STOMACH

    but from what ive heard from all my fellow lemon eaters, nothing terrible has happened to them

    i guess so long as you eat them in moderation, they’re fine

  13. I have been eating lemons with salt since I was little too—rite now I am pregnant with my second child and I have to have a lemon a day or else I will go nuts. I crave them morning noon and nite…I also like eating the rind—am I crazy?

  14. My friends always tell me not to eat lemons even though i love them!!!

  15. are they good for teeth?? anwsr!

  16. Wow… didnt know there were so many of us out there. I have been craving lemons with salt every day now for over 3 months, right after my brother passed away. I have no idea why or where the craving came from, but it is almost like I need a “lemon fix”. Wonder why this occurs?

  17. I love lemon juice, I beleve it has some healing properties and aids in me losing weight.

  18. I forgot to say that Iam learning to drink lemon juice daily to aid in my weight lose.


  20. “Sucking on lemons.

    This habit is often done for the misguided purpose of “whitening” the teeth. If done on a regular basis, the citric acid in the lemons is so strong that it can leach important minerals from the teeth and erode their outer surfaces. This can cause a multitude of problems, including chronic sensitivity to cold food and drinks, a chalky and worn look to the enamel, weakening of the teeth leading to chipping and cracking, and a greater incidence of tooth decay caused by loss of protective enamel. Drinking citrus fruit juices and eating fruit containing citric acid are not necessarily harmful, as long as they aren’t held in the mouth for prolonged periods of time.”

  21. Great article layout! I love lemonnsss

  22. I have been eating lemons my whole life and I brought them to school people thought I was weird and so we looked it up on the net and now I feel good about my strange habit. Salt is especially good with them!

  23. Let me just say,, it is four in the morning and I am eating a cucumber soaking in lemons. My mom turned me on to them and I have to have them EVERYDAY. I LOVE THEM. I have searched the net trying to find a bad reason not to eat them, well I haven’t seen anything bad yet! For all of the lemon lovers out there try this: 1/2 peeled and thinly sliced cucumber
    2 large and juicy lemons
    salt and pepper
    let the cucs sit for at least 5 min.
    You will be addicted.

  24. Hey guys I also LOVE lemons with salt (why do we all like them with salt?). Anyway i can tell you that i have been eating them since i was little and my teeth have suffered. I used to dig in them with my two front teeth and now they are chipping away and dont look to good. If you eat lemons just chew and swallow dont dig in with your teeth :(

  25. Hi,I also love eating lemons peeling and all oranges too, it is a strong craving i cant control,i eat lemon and salt first thing in the morning, my family has warned me it could be harmful to my health, but i’ve tried to break the habit and have failed.
    i carry sliced lemon in a zip lock bag in my handbag along with salt.i have to have it ,i like the way it tastes,just the thought of lemon make my mouth water. is this normal because it dosen’t feel normal.anyone have a clue??????

  26. WOW finally I feel normal!!!! “stands up and raises hand” HELLO my name is Texas Queen and I’m addicted to lemons. LOL. Seriously though I have been eating lemons as well as limes (although lemons are my favorite) with salt since, well, FOREVER. I have to say that I absolutely crave them ALL THE TIME. There is a down side though, my teeth have suffered from it. Now my dentist told me that there are people out there that it really won’t affect, but as for myself I personally already had a high acidic level to my, let’s call it Well Being. So it is like a double whammy to me, plus the fact that there is a poor history of tooth heath that runs on one side of my family, that didn’t help matters either. My teeth, expecially the fronts have had the most dammage. There was a time where I completely dropped the habit of eating lemons and limes for a long period…but they drew me back in. I could not stay away. I had to have them!!! Now my back teeth are worse for wear also. But I have to say that even with that I feel (body wise) not right if I don’t have them. They help with my diet, getting me to drink more water, and digestive help as well. They are great for the skin and hair when used topically. My only isssue is that now with my teeth so bad I feel so guilty for still having them and sometimes there is pain when eating them…but I really just can’t help myself. I ask…can you really be addicted to lemons and/or limes just like any other addict? I may proof to that!

  27. I am glad to see so many lemon eaters out there. I began eating whole lemons 2 yrs ago and I thought I was strange. I just assumed my body was craving some nutrients or vitamins I was lacking. However I enjoy the refreshing feeling and taste.

  28. OMG!!! yes i eat lemons all the time people think im crazy but i had no idea they were so nutritious . i eat them with salt .. pepper and a little vinegar.. somtimes just plain salt.. i love them every since i was a child… im 18 now and eat them often

  29. im a 8months pregnant it is allowed i drink lemon? and its good also for the wringles of my husband???

  30. hi again please email ur answer because i want to know thnx

  31. This is interesting. All of us who crave lemons love to eat them with salt. It could be as simple as it tasting good, but I’m thinking it might be something more. So, someone post – do you also love pickles? I do. I love olives, too. They all seem to have the same tangy taste.

    My teeth are very damaged from lemons, but I still have to eat them. They make the world right =)

    I know salt is an electrolyte, and I just found out that lemons are, too. Does that mean we all have an electrolyte imbalance? Has anyone ever had a doctor tell them what this might mean? I would love to know if anyone has any info.

  32. So strange I have been having lemon and salt cravings for a couple weeks now. I have always lover sour candy and salty foods and I find this to be a refreshing way of having both worls. My husband and friends think I am so strange. Glad to know it’s not just me.

  33. does anyone notice dry hair or dry eyes????

  34. wow, ok, so i love lemons as well, and this article makes me feel alot better about eating them. i actually just had one. what i like to do is use my magic bullet and blend up two lemons and add alittle crushed ice blend it and salt and its like a tangy icy! its great. i always eat them when my throat is sore and it soothes the burn. and i also am completely inlove with pickles and olives and anything with a tang. im 18 and have been eating these things since i can remember, my mom used to eat them all the time so thats what started my kick. but im very worried that my teeth will take toll fromthis in the future or posiibly now. just cant believe there are so many people out there that love lemons as much as i do! does anyone ever order a bowl of lemons on the side at a resteraunt? i like to eat them with everything. lol seriously.

  35. i drink lemon juice in warm water,does anyone know if it can drop you hdl,if so how long would it take

  36. I am so much n loveee with lemons. They are the best fruits out there. If i could- id eat one each and everyday. Lemon juice plan, and even lemons with no salt or sugar are the besttt. People think its too sour or too nasty- but i love it. And i dont care what ne body says!!! YEA LEMON LOVERSSS!!!! : )

  37. woow this is very interesting to see how many other people besides myself crave lemons with salt… I have been eating lemons and salt since I was a kid and I am now 24 yrs old and still eat them. While I was pregnant I ate one with salt everyday and now my 5 yr old son also loves lemons with salt. I have also made lemons and salt slushes with crushed ice. The thought of it makes my tongue water loll… But I have to say my teeth are now very sensitive and I do still continue to eat the lemons even with the pain. I gave them up for a few years and gave in too… everyone thinks im crazy but I really cant help it!!… I do have a few chips in my teeth and after reading this I believe my teeth have been so prone to chipping from eating all these lemons!!.

  38. try squeezing lemon juice, add salt and chilli powder and drink it….yummmm

  39. I love lemon, limes, dill pickles, but mainly lemons. What I really like to do is eat lemons while I drink beer. It is so good! When I drink beer I have to have lemons & salt. It is the best. I have been eating lemons since I was little & I am in my 40s. I did have some teeth damage but thank goodness I have great dental plan & have fixed my teeth. I am hooked on lemons & I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon as long as I know they are not hurting my insides. Does anyone know if drinking beer with lemons is bad for you?

  40. me too – I Love lemons, there was a day I can eat 4 lemons. I just slice a few of them and eat them. The rest I squeeze it with pinch of salt and drink it. I notice If my stomach feel bloating from eating, I eat lemon and my stomach feels better…

    My teeth is fine, after eating lemon I drink lots of water and brush my teeth….

  41. 12 lemmons a day, everyday, no problems. Take a watter bottle mix 1 tsp baking soda with water, rinse out your mouth with baking soda solution do not swallow. this will take care of the acid that can harm tooth enamel

  42. Omg! I love lemons and salt! I love that sour taste it has! I’ve at lemons with salt for as long as I can remember, every now and then I add chili powder because I crave spicy/sour foods now that I am prego! I never knew lemons were so good for you! Every1 complains about me eating them!! But I can’t turn away!

  43. I too, can’t believe that so many of you eat lemons with salt, the way I do. I also have eaten lemons most of my life. I am a diabetic, so I have to use sodium-free salt. They still taste great together. If I have them, I can eat 4-5 lemons a day. I try to find lemons that don’t have a lot of seeds. I hate it when lemons are full of seeds. I have found that the best lemons are navel lemons. They have less seeds and are juicier. Lemons with smooth peels are also very juicey. Thanks for sharing your comments about your lemon habits. I thought I was the only one, that ate lemons with salt. Think I’ll have one right now!

  44. I’m on a lemon diet. It is helpful for internal body cleansing and weight management. the recipe is lemons, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It taste good and I have lost 7 pounds in 3 days. I’m not hungry and have been feeling pretty balanced. See the plan on the internet…THE MASTER CLEANSER.


  46. Yay! Lemon lovers Unite! I have been addicted to lemons for years. All my immediate family members are too. I ate them all the time when I was pregnant with my first child. The weird thing is, when I was pregnant with my second child, I could not even stand the smell of a lemon. It took over a year before I could eat one again. My first child loves lemons. My second child hates them. Weird huh? It’s like he knew he didn’t like them from the womb lol. Anyway, I was eating my second lemon of the day and decided to google benefits of lemons and here I am. Oh, and to answer the question posted earlier, I do love pickles and olives. Try cutting up an avocado in cubes and soak with lemon and a little salt, it’s wonderful!

  47. i was just wondering why is it that i crave lemons and salt i have diabetes type 2 but im craving lemons and salt is this bad for me??

  48. I guess craving lemons is a good thing in my case… As for Dora I don’t know how to answer your question. I am sorry.

  49. I squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into a bowl, add a pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of onion powder, about a teaspoon of olive oil and sea salt to desired taste and put this mixture on my salad. I am completely addicted!! I have always eaten lemons w/ salt in some form but as I have gotten older, my stomach can no longer tolerate just eating straight lemons w/ salt. I also do believe it has caused some tooth sensitivity which I try to counteract w/ Sensodyne toothpaste.

    **Definitely use only sea salt people! Regular table salt is poison!!

  50. Oh my gosh, so many lemon lovers! I have been eating lemons with salt since I was a little girl and was always told it was bad for me. I remember being able to get a few for a dollar and now they run about 50 cents a piece on sale – but I still have to have them on a daily basis. I put lemon juice in my V8 and it is WONDERFUL. I am so glad that I am not alone in this!

  51. I love lemons and salt
    I squeeze lemons over salad
    I squeeze lemons over chips
    I eat lemons and oranges mixed together with salt
    Lets just say I eat lemons,I love lemons.
    If I think of lemons my mouth waters like mad
    I crave lemons daily
    I think it’s something to do with IBS
    I makes my tummy feel better when I have a bad time with IBS

  52. i just start eating lemon… They are the best thing ever

  53. lemoms actually reduce stomach acid, not increase it. Despite the fact lemons are acidic, by the time they interact with your stomach they have became alkaline and actually raise the ph of your stomach and reduces acid indigestion.

  54. I’m sitting here with a glass full of the juice of 1 lemon and 2 limes, crushed ice and a splash of water and a couple splashes of lemon and lime juice from concentrate. I use Twang Lime Salt or Lemon Lime salt in it and drink it instead of eating it from the rinds like I used to. I am staying away from that for now because my best friend and mother have had to get veneers on their front teeth from biting into them. I have eaten lemons and limes all my life, but this winter, I have been eating them daily and have not been sick with a cold or the flu once! A neat trick for you guys that like to eat it with salt is after you cut it in half and juice it, you can pour salt in the “cup” it makes and then turn it inside out and peel it and the salt stays in the membrane. Good Stuff!!

  55. This is really freaking me out I thought there was something wrong with me. I have always enjoying eating lemons in the resturants, I eat everyone’s that don’t want them in their beverage. But lately I have been buying them and eating the whole thing I have had 2 today and want more! I can’t get enought It’s good to lnow there are a craving from other people and not just me!!! I love them I enjoy that mouth watering tart juice that hits my tastebuds

  56. YAY! I am proud to say that I to am addicted to the taste of a fresh lemon cut in half and sprinkled with salt! My FAVORITE treat ever.

  57. I eat lemon everyday and I thought its strange that im craving for them. I eat 3 to 4 pieces of lemons a day with pinch of salt. Gosh i love them and its good to know that eating them have good benefits. I never had flu or colds for 10 years .

  58. I love eating lemons all of the time but now that I’m pregnant I crave them endlessly! Interestingly I’ve learned that they do in fact help to control my all day “morning sickness” but also…. it’s so ironic, my heartburn is relieved by lemons!!! Unbelievable! Wish I had known this with all of my pregnancies!:)

  59. Its hectic reading all these comments. Do any of u have digestive problems? I eat lemons, pickles, pickled onions, sour sweets, drink vinegar. . . And I have crohns. Do u think there is a link?

  60. Small known trick….but did you guys know that eating lemons everyday actually keeps you young? Try it with tomatoes. When you are 40 you will still look 20. I am 25 and everyone still thinks I’m 16 because i have awesome skin. Honestly the best you can do is eat lemons, raw garlic (a tooth with lemon makes it bearable) and a tomato a day. You will love forever. But not only that. You will look young forever! Anyone else notice this?

    I love lemons! =)

  61. I’m totally addicted!! I was told the craving was because of my medical problems. I will actually wake up and eat a lemon w/ salt in the middle if the night. Have gone so far as to get dressed and goto store @ 3 am for a lemon. I’ve always ate them but the craving has been terrible fir the last yr. It has completely destroyed my teeth:( no dental so I look horrible Afraid everyday that I’m actually goin to lose my front teeth but I can’t stop eating then!

  62. i found it hard to drink 8 glasses of water a day and now i add lemon juice and have no tastes refreshing and is uplifting.

  63. You guys try lemon && salt over ice , i perfer the cubed crushed ice its really refreshning in this Texas heat!

  64. My entire life, I’ve juiced limes and lemons (I prefer the tartier taste of the limes) into a glass, then added salt and other spices (sometimes I use a little pepper, sometimes some cumin), and a little drip of hot sauce. Gahhh. Best EVER. The best snack ever is to take plantain chips, then dip them in a mix of lime juice, salt and Worcestershire sauce before eating! And also, I always preferred salt in my lime/lemon juice, not sugar, yuck! I would put lemon on everything if I could. I’ve always wondered why I wanted them so much, and now I know I am not alone! :) Interesting note: I especially crave them when my stomach and digestive system is feeling out of whack (I have severe food sensitivities to sulfites and anything aged or ripened, like soy sauce or charcuterie). I really think there is a link. I’ve also been tested for type I diabetes, and results were inconclusive. Link?

    Long live lemons!

  65. I eat salt ice and lemons everydaylol

  66. I eat salt ice and lemons everydaylol

  67. I have been eating lemons with salt for as long as i can remember. I am 21 years old and very healthy. I do have a few chipped teeth from wrestling in highschool. Pretty sure the lemons contributed to that.

    Sugar on lemons are also good. Rarely ever eat them like that because i feel like its even worse for your teeth.

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